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When you are planning to renovate your kitchen to a modern kitchen and looking for modern kitchen ideas, the first question that it comes in your mind is, what should a modern kitchen must haves in every kitchen? A modern kitchen must have plenty of things not only limited to modern kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen lighting, modern kitchen island, modern kitchen sink, and so on. Having these in your kitchen makes it a modern kitchen.

A modern kitchen is nothing but having the kitchen look clean, simple, and elegant with all the kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, kitchen decors, and much more. Having all of these in a kitchen helps you to have a modern kitchen style the way you had wished for.  

Modern kitchens are the ones which started gaining a high popularity from the early to mid 20th century which have revolutionized the way the kitchens used have earlier. Back in days, the kitchens were traditional with all old stuff into them. As the kitchen industry taken a revolution, the modern kitchen designs started evolving with modern kitchen appliances and accessories.

Now a days, when people think of modern kitchen designs and modern kitchen layouts, all it comes to their mind are frameless cabinets, modern appliances, kitchen decors, sleek and simple hardware, lightings, etc. But just thinking doesn’t going to give you an idea about what you should have in a modern kitchen?

This is where we help you to understand what you need in your kitchen to turn it into a modern kitchen. If you are looking for modern kitchen must haves ideas, then you are in the right place. Today, in this post we will take you through multiple must haves for modern kitchen.

modern kitchen must haves

Best modern kitchen must haves ideas – How to design a modern kitchen:

1. Flat Panel Door Style Cabinets

A flat panel door style cabinets are also sometimes referred to as slab-door style cabinets. These are modern and makes them a signature element of any modern kitchen design. A flat panel cabinet doors are most popular ones in today’s modern kitchen designs. You can checkout the few of examples of flat panel door style cabinets or flat kitchen cabinets below.


The flat panel door cabinets are often clean, sleek, minimalist in design and features a recessed panel surrounded by a frame. Usually, this type of cabinet door is great for paint or stain finishes. The best example of a flat panel kitchen cabinet door style if nothing but a shaker cabinet door.

This is the reason why a flat panel door style cabinets becomes must haves for a modern kitchen. They not only look clean and simple, but also enhances the modernity of the kitchen all around.

2. Frameless and Full Overlay Cabinet Construction

One of the best cabinet construction designs is the frameless cabinet designs. These are often called by many names, such as euro frameless, overlay, and full overlay, but all gives the same meaning. These are also very popular among modern kitchen designs and in this design the door overlays the cabinet box. 


In this type of frameless cabinet designs, you will not be seeing any frame around the cabinet. Hence, you will get consistent spacing between all the doors, drawers, and between the two cabinets too. But, when you use a frame cabinets, you will often see a varying space between the doors and cabinets, which can’t be seen in frameless cabinets.

When the doors of the frameless cabinets is closed, you will not be seeing any frames at all. They are designed in such a way that, they give a simple, clean, and sleek look in the kitchen that helps to enhance the modern design of a kitchen. Hence, frameless cabinets are one of the components of modern kitchen must haves.

3. Sleek Design and Simple Hardware

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, you will always see that the c-channel hardware is completely integrated into the kitchen cabinet itself or as well as tubular pulls or the flat linear pulls. 

Almost of all the times, the horizontal lines of the cabinets will usually be accentuated by the cabinet hardware running in and around the full length of the drawers and doors. This type of design makes the modern kitchen look sleek with simple hardware and it’s a must have for modern kitchen.

4. Lack of Ornamentation

When it comes to ornamentation in kitchen, the lack of ornamentation is the key to the modern kitchen designs. This is for a simple reason that, a modern kitchen focuses more on the overall functionalities in the kitchen rather than the overwhelming decorations and adornments through out the kitchen.


In today’s world most of the modern kitchens won’t be designed with multiple materials, materials with textures, plenty of mix-up colors. The modern kitchens are designed in such a way that, they offer similar looks that are in-line with the kitchen cabinets and walls, keeping it simple, clean, and one piece type of kitchen floor tiles.

The best way to turn a kitchen into a modern kitchen is to have a must have full-height glass backsplash, and countertops without any pattern or veining. You can easily combine the flat panel door styles and sleek hardware with a full height glass backsplash along with no pattern countertops.

5. Enrich the Modern Kitchen Beauty By Using Natural Materials

When we said lack of ornamentation is the key to modern kitchen design, it doesn’t mean that your kitchen shouldn’t have any ornamentation. It means that you need to balance the kitchen with the natural materials of nature that in turn enhances the beauty of your kitchen.


Use natural materials that offers simple, clean, and elegant looks to your kitchen. Few of the best examples to must have for modern kitchen could be the horizontal grain of oak when its rift cut or the natural beauty and veining of marble, teak wood cabinets with white, grey, or sandlewood colors, white or grey kitchen floor tiles, and so on.

Matching to the kitchen cabinets and kitchen flooring, you can also plan for a kitchen island that sinks well with the modern kitchen design. One such example of modern kitchen island could be having a kitchen island that comes with a grain of the walnut on the island.

6. Emphasis On Horizontal Lines In Modern Kitchen

If you are looking for a must have design for a modern kitchen, then horizontal lines are the ones you should pay attention. This means that, the kitchen must be designed in such a way that, all of your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, dining table, etc. to be set up or installed in horizontal lines or parallel to each other. They offers smooth and seamless finish and looks in the kitchen.


Many modern kitchen designs, follow the rule of having horizontal lining through out the kitchen. For example, long, wide lines, stacks of drawer cabinets lined in a row, hardware set long, and horizontal to accentuate the lines of the drawers. The walls cab be cutout and cabinets can be installed to have a horizontal line through out the kitchen.

7. Styling Consistency of Accent Pieces

When you are planning to have a modern kitchen then consistency in style of accent pieces is what matters. They not only make the kitchen look elegant but also enhances the beauty of modern kitchen. 


This means that, while you are designing your kitchen, you need to ensure that the accents such as tables, islands, chairs, bar stools, and lighting all are in the same style that sinks with kitchen design. Another, area where you can pay attention is that, the coloring of kitchen cabinets, kitchen flooring, and kitchen walls to enhance the beauty of your modern kitchen.

8. Industrial Elements

Making the most out of the industrial elements in a kitchen will help you turn your kitchen into a modern kitchen. Many of the industrial elements already in the market are already designed to make the kitchens modern.


For example, a natural and untreated concrete wall has an appealing visual interest and patina, that makes the walls almost look like a wallpaper that has modern looks. Moreover, you can epoxy paint the concrete floors to enhance the looks and feel of the kitchen much more. The lack of ornamentation on the cabinets adds more appealing looks to your kitchen.

9. Well Organized Kitchen With Modern Kitchen Drawers

Another must have modern kitchen designs is that, to design the kitchen drawers such that they are mounted under the cabinets. This kind of design also helps in organizing your kitchen in the most effective manner that enhances the looks and elegance of your modern kitchen.


Drawers also helps in easily access all of your kitchen accessories with less fatigue. Drawers can also be designed in such a way that, you can easily place the kitchen accessories in its place so that each kitchen accessories have their own space in drawers for storage. 

10. Under Cabinet Lighting For Modern Kitchen

Cabinet lighting plays a vital role in the modernization of your kitchen. Especially, in the cabinet lighting, the under cabinet lighting are much more effective and useful lightings of modern kitchen. They can be installed in such a way that, they can be easily used for multiple kitchen activities.


The under cabinet lighting helps to brighten the specific areas of your kitchen and can be installed in such a way that each of them can be switched on and off as and when required. This design will also helps to save some electrical energy. They can also be used as a task lighting during your meal preparation and kitchen clean up activities.

11. Kitchen Sinks That Suites Modern Kitchen Design

Usually, there are plenty of kitchen sink types that are available in the market that helps in designing the modern kitchen. Among them, double bowl kitchen sinks are one the most preferred and popular once.


The best part of having double bowl sinks is that, you can multitask between washing dishes and even cleaning fruits and vegetables too. Apart from this, you are also having multiple sink types with kitchen faucet which you can choose from to make a part of your modern kitchen.

12. Fitted Kitchens – Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry

Another must haves for modern kitchen is that to have pull out kitchen cabinet units. These types of units really comes in handy when the kitchens are not having enough space or they are not wide enough. For example, a space that is available between the kitchen counter and the refrigerator can be used to build a pull-out pantry.

The best part of having a long pull-out kitchen pantry is that, the items that are stored inside can easily be viewable from both sides of the the pantry unit and are also easily accessible too. When you design the pantry unit longer in heights, then you can customize the same by the addition of spice racks, fruit baskets or vegetables, wine bottles, and so on.

13. Adding Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

A kitchen lighting is always an essential part of a modern kitchen design. Hence, they are must haves when it comes to modern kitchen layouts and design. You can add multiple different types of lights to your kitchen that not only enhances the kitchen looks but also brightens up the entire kitchen as and when applicable.


For example, you can install different types of kitchen lighting at the same time, such as pendant lights on kitchen island, track lights at the kitchen countertop or prep table or on an island, recessed ceiling light fixtures for the low ceiling level, pendant light fixtures on the raised ceiling level, and so on.


14. Kitchen Flooring That Offers Low Maintenance

Kitchen flooring is the one that also makes any kitchen a modern kitchen. Most of the modern kitchens out there, always go for similar type of tiles or wood flooring that is modern in design. You can also look for epoxy painted kitchen flooring. Opt for a kitchen flooring that is not only good looking but also they are durable.


When you are choosing the kitchen flooring make sure that you match it with the kitchen cabinets and kitchen wall. Having the similar kitchen accessories through the kitchen or having the flooring that is in sink with other kitchen accessories of kitchen helps to make the kitchen much modern.

15. Install Backsplash – A Focal Point of Modern Kitchen

The kitchen backsplash are the ones that becomes the focal point or the center of attraction of your modern kitchen. Having a kitchen backsplash in your kitchen also helps in removing a lot of heat that is generated in teh kitchen. The best part of having the backsplash is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

16. Kitchen Herb Counter To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Modern Kitchen

If you are one of those who loves plantation or herbs, then growing herbs in your kitchen also makes the kitchen look modern. Growing herbs at certain areas of the kitchen such as kitchen countertops or the corners of kitchen makes the kitchen modern.


They also helps in circulation of fresh air and can be grown in any areas of the kitchen. Another best area to grow herbs is near the kitchen windows or the areas where you get enough sunlight. They makes the kitchen look elegant with greenery and helps to keep the kitchen fresh as always.

17. Have Organized Kitchen Appliances

Many people always makes this mistake, of storing or placing of kitchen appliances all over the place. This is a very bad idea and won’t reflect on a modern kitchen. Since, kitchen appliances are must have for any modern kitchen, they must be well organized in order to have a modern kitchen.

So, follow the best practices of kitchen appliances storage. For example, always store your microwave oven to your eye level where you can easily reach, rather than storing them in lower cabinets. Or you can also look for a built-in unit cabinet with oven that enhances the looks of kitchen.

18. Kitchen Hoods For Modern Kitchen

Kitchen hoods are must when it comes to modern kitchen. Earlier, in kitchen people just used to have exhaust fans to remove all heat that is generated in kitchen while cooking. But now in modern kitchens, people started using kitchen hoods in place of the exhaust fans.


The kitchen hoods are available in wide variety of designs, which includes retractable hoods, low profile vertical range hoods, wall mounted round hoods, and so on. Most of the modern kitchens have stainless steel kitchen hoods or black colored kitchen hoods that looks elegant to eyes. 

19. Spruce Up Your Kitchen Sink With Sliding Panels

No matter whatever you do the kitchen sink always leaves a hole or an empty space on the kitchen countertops. To counter this, you can install sliding panels on to the kitchen to make the most of it. This will not only enhances the kitchen looks but also helps in modern kitchen design.

The other option is that you can install the moveable drain panels on the kitchen sink. The best part of having these is that they can be placed wherever you want. They can be easily slide over to the slides to use kitchen sink or can be moved over the sink hole to have seamless kitchen counter space.

Addition to this you can also look for retractable kitchen faucet which will virtually disappears when you are not using it. It is designed in such a way that it retracts into the sink and swings to the side, stowing neatly at the edge and eliminating the faucet’s usual vertical line.

20. Look for Smart Countertop Sink

Another must haves for a modern kitchen could be the installation of a smart countertop sink. This type of sink design helps to add an extra space for kitchen work and serving space to your counter. The kitchen sink top will be closed off with smart countertop sink when not in use.

21. Look For Modern Kitchen Gas Hobs

Gas stoves are the heart of any kitchen whether it could be traditional kitchen or a modern kitchen. In fact gas hobs are the ones where in you prepare all of your food and all the cooking takes place. 


Look for modern kitchen modern gas hobs that allows you to seamless design of your kitchen. Gas hobs usually available in multiple options and wide variety of brands. Look for black gas hobs or stainless steel gas hobs, they really enhances the look and feel of your kitchen making the kitchen look modern. 


When it comes to modern kitchen must haves there is no limit, in fact the list goes on and on. However, we have listed down most of the needful must haves for any modern kitchen in this post to help you understand and get the glimpses of what you should need to have a modern kitchen.

Whether it could be kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, kitchen decor items, and so on, all are part of modern kitchen. But the difference is that the ones you choose to make your kitchen a modern kitchen.