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When it comes to most used rooms in your home, the kitchen is the first room that will come to anyone’s mind. It’s the place where all your cooking activities take place, dishwasher dishwashing takes place, and obviously your kitchen will be messy and dirty. The next question that will come to your mind is how to keep kitchen clean. Your kitchen also needs the same attention as the way you give it to your bedroom.

Keeping your kitchen clean is not an easy task. You might be searching for ways to keep your kitchen clean, so that you can keep your kitchen well organized. In fact, your kitchen needs cleaning attention every day, similarly to the way you clean your kitchen cabinets.


Ignoring the kitchen cleaning can result in clogging, or heavy grease or oil sticking which can become a very difficult task for cleaning on a later stage. It can also help to develop germs and bacteria in your kitchen that can upset the health of you and your family.

If you are one of those who is searching for the kitchen cleaning tips then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to take you through the best ways to keep your kitchen clean so that it looks crisp and shiny as always.

These kitchen tips will also help you keep your family safe from the unwanted germs and bacteria that can be seen in your kitchen.

Cleaning your kitchen can be a tedious job especially when you are a housewife or even when you are a bachelor. No matter how frequently you clean, the kitchen will always be dirty and messy as you will keep cleaning everyday. However, you can follow certain steps that will help you keep your kitchen clean every day. Here are the steps to follow to clean your kitchen.


Steps to follow on how to keep kitchen clean:

1. Clean while you Wait

The best way you can utilize your time for cleaning the kitchen is to make use of the time that is available when you are not doing something in your kitchen. This means, try to use the time when you’re waiting around in your kitchen.

For example, if you’re cooking something and need to wait until your food gets cooked, try to use this waiting time for cleaning your kitchen as much as possible. You can use this time for cleaning the kitchen surface, gas stove, some utensils, kitchen cabinets, or kitchen shelves, and so on.

Another example, if you are preparing tea and have kept your kettle on for boiling water, then you can use this time to clean the hob surface, clean the kitchen counters, or put your dishes into the dishwasher for dishwashing. Even though these activities might seem small, they will equally add to the overall kitchen cleaning experience and help to keep your kitchen clean and tidy as always.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist (Infographics)


2. Clean the Sink after you Wash Vegetables, Fruits, or Dishes

Sink is one of the parts of your kitchen that needs at-most attention. You should make a habit of cleaning the kitchen sink immediately after you finish washing vegetables, fruits or even dishes. This is very important as it helps to keep your kitchen clean always. The leftovers can make the sink dirty,greasy, and sticky. If not cleaned everyday, may help the germs and bacteria to get developed.

Always remember to empty the sink dishwater as soon as you finish washing up. Even a small amount of leftover dishwater can make the sink greasy and create a lingering smell all over the kitchen.

As we said earlier, the moment you finish peeling off vegetables or fruits or even small deposits of food, it hardly takes a minute to throw them into the dust bin rather than leaving them in the kitchen sink plug hole which can spoil and create a nasty smell in the kitchen.

Once you finished removing the food residuals, now it’s time to give final touches of kitchen sink cleaning by using a kitchen cleaner and a clean wet cloth. Carefully, spray or apply the kitchen cleaner all over the sink surface and wipe it with the help of a clean wet cloth. You can do this in the night so that you can see a well cleaned kitchen sink in the morning which will help you in happily working in your kitchen.

3. Clean Spillages as soon as possible

In fact, the spillages are the most dangerous, dirtiest and greasy of all the dirt that you find in your kitchen. The spillage are the ones that will cause heavy damages to your kitchen cabinets, hobs or gas stove, kitchen walls or kitchen shelves. Hence, cleaning them should be your first priority as soon as the spillage occurs.

Not only that, if the spillages are not cleaned immediately, it becomes very difficult to clean them off on a later stage. They will stick very hard to the surfaces and are very difficult to remove.

They make the surfaces dirty that in turn spoils the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Do remember that, spillages are hard to clean, if not cleaned when they happen.

4. Clean as you Go

The best way to clean your kitchen is to clean as you go to the kitchen. Cleaning the surfaces of kitchen items the moment you come to the kitchen, leave the kitchen, or whenever you are waiting in your kitchen is the best way to keep your kitchen all new all the time.

You can take a small bowl and prepare warm soap water. When you’re cooking food and find yourself waiting in the kitchen, take this time to clean the surfaces where there are spillages.

Try to wipe the wall surfaces, kitchen cabinets, hobs or gas stoves, kitchen shelves, and so on. You can also use kitchen cleaner for better results.

5. Have a Place for Everything

Another best practice you must follow to keep your kitchen clean is to keep everything in its place. To organize a kitchen you need to define places for everything, so that they can be placed back in their place. This is what we call maintaining 5S in your kitchen.

To do 5S in your kitchen define a particular place for every item in your kitchen. For example, make sure you define a place for keeping your pans and pots, utensils, spoons and spatulas, spice boxes, kettle, ice maker, dishwasher, sandwich maker, egg trays, mixer grinder, and so on.

The idea here is that, the moment you finish using them, they must be kept back in their defined place immediately after cleaning them. This way you can ensure that your kitchen stays clean and tidy all the time.

6. Cover Food while using the Microwave

If you want to keep your kitchen and microwave clean, you have to take care of your kitchen while you’re cooking food in your microwave. The best practice to keep your microwave clean is to cover the food with the help of a microwave lid or piece of kitchen roll to avoid spillage inside your microwave. This in turn helps to keep your kitchen clean as always.

This may seem like a simple tip, but it gives great results in keeping the microwave clean. Apart from this, once you are done with cooking food in the microwave, allow it to cool down, and then, consider cleaning the surrounding area of the microwave and inside the microwave with the help of dry cloth. Like this you can keep your kitchen clean and shiny as always.

7. Vacuum your Kitchen rather than Sweeping your Kitchen

Sweeping your kitchen is always a good idea to keep your kitchen clean. But vacuuming your kitchen is always a better idea than that of sweeping your kitchen.

Sweeping can help you clean your kitchen partially as you can’t clean the corners. And also, this sweeping can result in a lot of messiness on kitchen floors including stickiness on the floor.

Hence, to get better cleaning results you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your kitchen at least twice a week.

Or else you can also do a vacuum cleaning after you are done sweeping your kitchen floor. Vacuum cleaning will ensure that the kitchen is cleaned completely including the corner areas of your kitchen. It will suck all the dirt and dust from every corner of your kitchen, leaving a well cleaned kitchen.

8. Ensure you clean regularly your kitchen clothes

In fact, cleaning your kitchen clothes all the time should be your first priority in cleaning your kitchen. Kitchen clothes that are used in kitchen cleaning can cause a major concern and cause health issues if not cleaned them properly or washed them properly.

Hence, to keep your kitchen clean, it is very important to regularly clean and change your kitchen cleaning clothes. If you leave them without cleaning, the dirty and damp clothes can develop germs and bacteria that can harm your health, create unsafe conditions,

Also, make sure that you also wash brushes and sponges that you use in your kitchen for cleaning purposes. Also, ensure that all the cleaning clothes, brushes, and sponges are completely dried off once you wash them off.

Another kitchen tip here is that you can use multiple colored clothes in your kitchen for different washing or cleaning purposes. This will help you use a specific cloth for that purpose only. This way the clothes won’t get too dirty soon for some cleaning purposes and also avoids spreading of bacteria and germs between them.

Colored clothes will help you use a specific cloth for a specific kitchen cleaning purposes. For example, you can use a red cloth for the sink, yellow cloth for hob or gas stove, or green cloth for cleaning kitchen cabinets, and so on.

This way you can smartly ensure kitchen cleaning by using simple strategies. Some clothes such as tea towels, sink cleaning towels, or gas stove cleaning clothes need everyday crashing as they are easily attracted to germs to bacteria.

9. Buy a good Splatter Screen

A splatter screen is the one that helps to stop the droplets of grease or spillage on your hob, kitchen tiles, kitchen cabinets, or any other utensils in the kitchen. Hence, you can install a kitchen splatter screen to keep your kitchen clean, especially when you are cooking food in your kitchen.

10. Line your Kitchen Appliances

Overliners are those that help to reduce the grime by catching any drips of food which have the chances of getting burnt on the surfaces of kitchen appliances. Hence, any kitchen appliance such as microwave oven, rice cooker, gas oven, or electric oven, and so on. Hence, it is very important to over-line your kitchen appliances to keep your kitchen clean.

11. Keep the Kitchen Minimal

The best advice to keep your kitchen clean is to keep the kitchen as minimal as possible. This means, do not overload your kitchen, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen surfaces, with lots of kitchen kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances such as jars, pots, pans, bowls, boxes, and so on.

The more you keep your kitchen full of utensils or kitchen appliances all over the kitchen, it’s very difficult to keep the kitchen clean. Keep the kitchen as minimal as possible and have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Make sure that you conduct 5S at least once in a week so that your kitchen is kept clean and tidy always.

12. Start your day in Kitchen with Kitchen Cleaning

Do not jump directly to the kitchen and start cooking food without cleaning your kitchen. This is the best way to keep your kitchen clean all the time or every time. Hence, don’t start cooking until you clean your kitchen.

If your kitchen is already dirty, messed up, and continues to work in the kitchen and do food cooking then your kitchen will get more messy and dirty. Later you will get demotivated and won’t get in the mood to clean your kitchen. So, it is important to start your day in the kitchen with cleaning and not cooking.

13. Allow the Water in Sink to get Drained immediately

Whenever you wash your dishes in the sink, make sure that the water is allowed to drain immediately rather than allowing it to stay in the kitchen sink. This helps your kitchen to keep clean and safe from germs and bacteria. If not cleaned, the food particles in the water will get stuck on the kitchen surface and develop a thick greasy layer.

This is for the simple reason that the water in the kitchen gets greasy and oily over a period of time. This in turn makes food part less to get stuck on the sink making it worse in both smell as well as nasty dirty look. This helps the germs and bacteria to get developed. So, it’s very important to drain sink water immediately. This is an effective way to keep your kitchen sink clean.

14. Wipe the Sink after draining Water

It is best practice to wipe the sink right immediately after you finish draining your sink water. This helps the sink to be clean as always and the moment you come back to the kitchen for cleaning will make your day simpler in cooking food or doing kitchen activities.

15. Use Trash Cans or Trash Bowls

Another way to keep your kitchen clean is to keep trash cans or trash bowls whenever you are chopping vegetables or cutting fruits. Not only that you can also throw the leftover food residuals that may fall during the cooking process into the trash bowl and then transfer it to a bigger trash can.

The moment you finish chopping, you can throw the residuals into the bowl and once every kitchen activity is finished. Just throw the residuals into the bigger trash can rather than just leaving them all over your kitchen which makes kitchen cleaning a hectic work later.

16. Never place Dirty Utensils on the Kitchen Counters

Do not place unnecessary dirty utensils which are half used or spatulas that are used for stirring. These can create a lot of messiness in the kitchen. Just wash them off immediately and wipe the kitchen counters with the help of wet cloth. This is the best way that you can keep your kitchen clean all the time.

17. Sweep Kitchen Counter in the Morning and Night

Sweeping your kitchen counter morning before you start your kitchen activities and in the night after you have finished all of your kitchen activities. This is just the best that anyone can do to keep their kitchen always clean.

Sweeping the kitchen counter can help to remove the splatters, any spillages, germs, bacteria, or any other dirt present. When you come back to the kitchen you will be in the mood to cook great and delicious food for the family. Not only that, a quick sweep morning and night can help your family to keep safe.

18. Store your Washing or Cleaning tools below Kitchen Sink

The easiest way to keep a kitchen clean is to organize and store all of your kitchen cleaning tools just below the kitchen sink. This will help you not only keep the kitchen clean but also helps in easy accessibility and enhances the look and feel of your kitchen.

19. Install Shelves under empty Counter Zones

Another way to keep a kitchen always clean is to install shelves under the empt6 kitchen counter zones. On these shelves you can easily place all of your utensils, spoons, spatulas, bowls, and so on rather than placing them on kitchen counters.

When you don’t have any utensils on top of your kitchen counter, it automatically makes your kitchen clean and tidy. Having stored your utensils into a shelve that are hidden under the kitchen counter enhances the kitchen look and makes the kitchen a modern kitchen.

20. Don’t leave dishes in Dishwasher until it’s full

This is a bad habit that you will keep the dishes in the dishwasher lying around and think of cleaning the dishes or running the dishwasher only when it’s fully loaded. This process can damage the dishwasher and cause a nasty smell to come out of the dishwasher.

It is best advised to run the dishwasher in half load and clean the dishes. Also leaving the dishwasher for not running for too long can cause some concerns in the dishwasher. Hence, run the dishwasher every night so that your dishwasher and kitchen stays always clean and shiny.

21. Empty the Trash Cans everyday

Another good habit in keeping your kitchen clean is to empty the trash can everyday at night before you go to bed. The trash cans are the place where all the germs and bacteria live. If the trash cans are not emptied and cleaned everyday, it can result in a nasty smell, develop germs and bacteria, which spoil the health of you and your family.

Everyday throw the residuals or wastes in the trash can outside and immediately wash them off before you keep it in its place. This way the kitchen always stays clean and safe.

22. Don’t leave the Spice boxes opened

Never leave the spice boxes or any other boxes where you store food in an open condition. This is because there are chances that they can fall down and spill the spices or food inside the boxes.

Sometimes when your kitchen windows are open, the wind blowing from outside to inside your kitchen can make the spices blow away. This way a kitchen can become dirtier which requires unnecessary kitchen cleaning. So, make sure that you close all the lids properly once you finish using them.

23. Clean your Kitchen Windows regularly

Many of us won’t give attention to kitchen windows and won’t realize that they can make the kitchen dirty and messy. In fact, kitchen windows are the place from where the kitchen starts getting dirtier. Hence, cleaning a kitchen window also helps in keeping your kitchen clean.

Over a period of time the kitchen windows develop a thick layer of dirt or dust that are difficult to clean them off later if not cleaned on a regular basis. The kitchen windows are the place from where the dust comes from outside into the kitchen. They can also help to develop spider webs or places for insects. Hence, you should make a schedule of cleaning kitchen windows on a regular basis.

24. Clean Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Lights

There is no doubt that your kitchen owns plenty of kitchen appliances and different types of kitchen lighting. You should also give equal importance in cleaning kitchen appliances as well as kitchen lights on a regular basis that helps to keep your kitchen clean.

Over a period of time, the kitchen appliances and kitchen lights develop a thick layer of dust that can make your kitchen look dirty. So, once a week you must clean the kitchen appliances from inside and outside along with Kitchen lights with the help of a slightly wet cloth or a dry cloth.

25. Have a Time Table and Schedule Tasks

Last but not the least on how to keep kitchen clean is to have a time table for kitchen cleaning activities for a week. Gather around your family members, schedule tasks, assign tasks and conduct kitchen cleaning activities.

This is a great way of keeping clean as all of your family members get involved that helps to pay attention to every part of the kitchen. Not only that, you can also make an everyday plan that helps to keep the kitchen clean efficiently, effectively, and collectively. Always stick to the plans, make a routine, and not deviate.


Even though there are plenty of kitchen tips on how to keep kitchen clean, the above mentioned ways to clean your kitchen are the must have etiquette’s that everyone should follow. Having a time table, scheduling tasks, sticking to a routine plan, and involving your family members makes the kitchen clean and tidy as always.

In fact, if you do not follow the some of the kitchen cleaning tips mentioned above can make the kitchen too worse, messy, and dirtier that cannot be cleaned off so easily and can make your pocket empty all the time.