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DIY Hacks For Your Kitchen Island [2021]

Having kitchen islands is great. But will they provide all the benefits to your kitchen? Or they are just there for helping you to make your kitchen look modern? Just like kitchen cabinets. Today, in this post you are going to find out how beneficial the kitchen islands and how can you find best kitchen island hacks that will help you make the most of from kitchen island.

When you combine your kitchen island with kitchen island lights, not only your kitchen looks modern but also helps to cook great food. The best part of having different types of kitchen lighting to your kitchen along with kitchen islands makes your kitchen look modern.

Whether you have a low budget or high budget the kitchen island hacks and IKEA kitchen island hacks will help you greatly to make best choices and turn your kitchen into a completely modern kitchen. If you already have one, you can also learn how to clean kitchen cabinets and so that they can lasts longer.

The best part of having kitchen islands in your kitchen is that they offer you with great functionalities. To be precise, you can use them as an extra prepping area, or an area for having your breakfast or even as an additional countertop space. The hacks for kitchen island mentioned in this post will definitely come in handy, especially when you have a small kitchen area and use a kitchen island IKEA.

Kitchen Island Hacks For Your Kitchen You Must Try

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, planning to make the most of your kitchen space then here are few of kitchen island ideas that you can try:


Best kitchen island hacks [2021] | Kitchen island IKEA:

1. Rollway Island Hacks

The rollway kitchen island is best for those kitchens where in you have space constraints. You can make your kitchen more spacious by installing a rollway island at your home which when then can be moved underneath the table whenever you want.

The best way to use kitchen island in your kitchen is to roll it into hiding under the table or in the pantry which will help you save a lot of space in your kitchen and make the best use of existing space for other kitchen activities.

Using liberty off-white kitchen cart kitchen island is the best as it contains multiple shelves and a countertop at the top for kitchen activities. The shelves not only help you to store your kitchen items and also helps you roll it under a table or pantry when you are not using the countertop.

Here are few more options that you can use as hacks for kitchen islands:

1.    Giantex Kitchen Island Cart with Drop-Leaf Tabletop

2.   Dorel Living Kelsey 2, Black & Rustic Oak Kitchen Island with Stools, Black

3.   YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top

2. Store or Install Stools Under Your Island

Making space for sitting in kitchen by installing chairs in your kitchen is really tough and occupies more space, especially when you have a small kitchen. Usually, the dining chairs occupies most of the kitchen area space. That’s when the stools kitchen island hacks come into play.

Stools are the ones which you can install under the kitchen island and save more space by not installing dining chairs in your kitchen. These stools can be hidden under the kitchen island. That’s how you can hack kitchen island ideas. The best way to do this is to install stools that slides under the kitchen island.

This is of great help when you are chopping vegetables to prepare your food or even when you can ask your children to sit and do their homework, wherein you can train, coach, teach and monitor them conveniently.

3. Turn One of Your Drawers Into A Cutting Board

One of the best kitchen island hacks is to convert your one of drawers of kitchen island as a cutting board. Talk about great kitchen ideas, this is one of the best ways to make the most of it.

You can either convert a drawer as a cutting board or a pull-out cutting board which will help you cut your vegetables. To save more space and get more benefit from a drawer cutting board idea, you can install a trash can below the drawer, so that you can directly drop the unwanted vegetable pieces or peelings.

4. Install Spice Shelf To Kitchen Island

What if you are already having a kitchen island with no shelves in it. You started feeling that there is no space to install more kitchen islands. So, what if, if you can able to turn your existing kitchen island into a shelf kitchen island which helps you store your spices.

This is a great kitchen idea hacks which will help you get benefitted. For that you can install shelves down the countertop of the kitchen island. This will also help you store your small plates, cups, forks, spoons or even knifes too.

5. Build Baskets In Your Kitchen Island

Have no more space to install kitchen islands? But need space for storing vegetables in your kitchen or need extra vegetable storage boxes? Well, you can make your kitchen island to store non-refrigerated food items.

The best way to do this is to cutting squared holes and install baskets within the kitchen island. Don’t be afraid of doing so or thinking that you are damaging your kitchen island. Rather think that you are modernizing your kitchen island to make the most of it. This hack is best when it comes to make the most of your kitchen.

6. Install Trash Cans Inside Kitchen Island

Often the trash cans in your kitchen occupies the open space and looks ugly and makes the kitchen messed up. You might be thinking how you can fix this?

Well, the best way is to hide trash cans inside your kitchen island. To do so, you can modify the kitchen in such a way that the trash cans can be perfectly installed under the kitchen island. Then you can cover the same with pull down cabinet door.

Such modification of your kitchen island will help you easily drop in vegetables garbage directly from the countertop of kitchen island. You can install one to two trash cans for this hack of kitchen island. 

7. Install and Hide Electrical Outlets

Who wants to have an electric outlet all over the kitchen? Having so many electrical outlets surely damage the look of the kitchen. The best way to hack your kitchen island is to hide your electric outlets around the kitchen island by covering a drawer door.

The other way around you can install the electrical sockets to the drawer and cover the same with a board with the help of clips.

8. Convert Kitchen Island To A Pet Shelf

Another hack that you can implement on your kitchen island is to construct a pet shelf, which allows you to place your pet’s food inside the kitchen island.

This is great way to make the most of your kitchen’s space. With this you can save some bucks by not buying an expensive pet house or pet bowls. Your pets also love such hacks because they will feel completed with you also being in kitchen and spend some time.

9. Install A Bar or Rod To The Kitchen Island

If you are looking for the best island hacks for your kitchen then you can this hack. Install a bar to the side of your kitchen island, which can be used to hang your kitchen towel and other kitchen cloths.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dish cleaning towel, a kitchen cleaning cabinet towel or a microfiber towel, you can easily hang them on a bar on your kitchen island rather than throwing them here and there or placing them into the shelves or cabinets. If you have washed your kitchen towel, then you can hang them on kitchen island bar which will automatically get dried out.


10. Create Your Own Kitchen Island

If you are one of those who doesn’t want to buy a new kitchen island from IKEA kitchen island store or Walmart kitchen island store, then you can create your own kitchen island with the already existing bookshelf that is present in your home.

You can turn your bookshelf into a beautiful kitchen island with just few modifications. Try to add an extra countertop on top of bookshelf of your choice. You can also place your all of spices or kitchen items into the bookshelf. Additionally, you can also install side bar to hang kitchen towel and clips or nails to hang your spoons or cooking utensils.


11. Add Extra Shelves To Keep Books

This kitchen island is perfect when you more space available in your kitchen island. The best way to use your kitchen island is to add more bookshelves, so that you can keep your all cooking recipes books or more.

You can also place other decorative items to make your kitchen look modern and cool. The space of shelves can also be utilized to place any utensils that makes the kitchen modern.


12. Build Your Own Light Weight Kitchen Island

Having a bulky kitchen island means you need to put extra efforts to move it around when you are planning to kitchen makeover. The bulky kitchen islands are always difficult to move around.

The best way to overcome this situation is to build your own less bulky kitchen island. The best part of building your own kitchen island is that you can use less bulky materials to build your kitchen island. You can also make it smaller and provide an open kitchen island look.

The open kitchen island will offer you to store your kitchen items as required. To build this kind of kitchen island you can make use of desk legs and a wooden kitchen worktop. You can store your kitchen items, kitchen accessories, dishes, or even kitchen appliances.


13. Build A Kitchen Island Table Combo

The other way around to find the best of kitchen island hack is to build a kitchen island table combo. This is perfect for those kitchens which are having small kitchens. Designing and building your own custom kitchen island is the best kitchen hack anyone can adopt.

You can build your own kitchen island as per your needs and requirements along with cooking space. The extra space can be utilized for your dinner by placing extra chairs which can slide under the extended part of kitchen island.

The best part is that you can design custom kitchen island in such a way that it can have a seating space of up to 4 or 6 depending on the size of your family. Since it will be placed at the center of your kitchen, you can cook away from wall and avoid any damages to the walls.

Additionally, you can even install shelves or create side bars or install sliding stools attached directly to the kitchen island to make the most of it. This kitchen island hack is perfect for small kitchens.


14. Attach Foldable Sideboard

If you are already having kitchen cabinets or kitchen island you can use this hack of installing a sideboard at the end, which can be folded when not in use. This hack for your kitchen island is perfect for those kitchens which already have wooden top kitchen island.

Adding an extra sideboard gives you the option of more workspace when you need it and can be folded easily when not in use. To do so you can make use of piano hinges and install the wooden board at the end of your kitchen island which acts as a sideboard when in need.


15. Install Additional L-Shaped Island

The best kitchen idea hack is to install a L-shaped kitchen island. However, this hack is possible only when you have a larger kitchen space available and space is not a constraint.

The L-shaped kitchen islands will give you multiple options of usage. Since they are long and can fit in a small area, they offer multiple benefits. One side of counter top can be used as cooking space and the other side of counter top can be used as dining space. All you have to do is place some chairs on one side.

Additional, from inside you can use the L-shaped kitchen island for storage purpose as per your needs. You can even install shelves inside to have more space available for storing your kitchen utensils or kitchen appliances.


16. Install Kitchen Appliances In Your Kitchen Island

If you are finding creative kitchen island hack then this is the one for you. The best way to hack your kitchen island is to install your kitchen appliance to the kitchen island itself which will allow you to save so much of kitchen space by not building extra space for storing your kitchen appliances.

To do so you can directly install kitchen appliances all around the kitchen island. The best part is that, you can install kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, dishwasher, sink, stove tops or induction cooktops or any other kitchen appliances of your choice depending upon your needs.

Installing kitchen appliances within the kitchen island will not only allow you to save more space in your kitchen but also helps in modernizing your kitchen. With this hack your kitchen looks modern and clean.


17. Install Kitchen Utensils and Pans On Top of Your Kitchen Island

If you want to have easy accessibility of your kitchen utensils and pans is to install them on your kitchen island at a distance with the help of a hanging rectangular bar with clips for hanging pans and kitchen utensils.

This kind of kitchen island hack not only helps you save more space in your kitchen but also helps you access your kitchen utensils easily as and when you require. You don’t have to search for them as they are easily visible for quick pick up.

The hanging rectangular rack can be designed as per your needs and can be hang from the ceiling which will allow you to hang pans, kitchen utensils of your choice. Just make sure that when you are installing rectangular hanging rack, it should be installed properly such that it can hold the complete weight of utensils that you are going to hang.


18. Place A Wooden or Metal Tray On Your Kitchen Island

If you love drinking coffee or tea more often and need your coffee or tea setup to be accessed more often and not liking to take each one of them every time from the cabinets, then this is kitchen hack that you can follow is to place a wooden or metal tray on your kitchen island which allows you to easily access your coffee or tea setup at any time.

Talk about best kitchen hack ideas, this could be one of them. A small wooden tray on your kitchen island helps to store all of your coffee or tea ingredients along with tea or coffee mugs easily. When you need your kitchen island for cooking or other purposes, just move the tray to some other place.


19. Install Fridge Storage Unit To Your Kitchen Island

Talk about extra fridge storage units such as igloo ice maker or wine fridge storage units, needs and takes lot of space from your kitchen. What is the best possible way that you can hack your kitchen so that you will not only save space but also modernize your kitchen?

Well, this is it the kitchen island hack to install your ice maker or the wine fridge storage unit to the kitchen island which will not only saves plenty of space in your kitchen but also helps to make your kitchen modern.


20. Install Gas Stove Top

How to make the best use of kitchen space? Well, install a gas stove top on to your kitchen island. This is the best way to save space in your kitchen. Not only that you will also additionally, make your kitchen look modern, as now a days there are plenty of stove tops available in market which are specifically designed for modern kitchens.

Having a stove top on kitchen island helps to prepare your food faster and also allows your kids to have breakfast in hot condition on the kitchen island itself sitting next to it.


21. Install A Board In Between Two Kitchen Islands

If you want to have a sitting place in your kitchen to just have a breakfast or to have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, what you can do is install a board in between two kitchen islands.

This hack of kitchen island will help you place your wine glasses or coffee or tea glasses along with snacks. You can place stools or chairs next the board and make it your dining table. You can make it more innovative kitchen island by making it foldable on anyone side so that you can fold it when not in use.



The best way to hack your kitchen island is to do modification of your existing kitchen island (DIY kitchen island hack) as per your needs and install shelves, sideboard, baskets, stovetop, sink, or kitchen appliance of your choice which is going to be the best kitchen island hack for anyone.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, there are plenty of kitchen idea hacks that you can try and get benefitted from it. All the above listed hacks for kitchen island are really amazing and works perfectly in the same way.

Usually, the modified kitchen islands work great for anyone as you will get the option of making it useful as per your needs and requirements. We suggest you to try the one that suites perfectly for your kitchen from the above listed hacks for kitchen island.

Tell us your hack for your kitchen island which you have done in your kitchen in the comments below, so that we can feature the same in our article so that our visitors also get benefitted from it. To conclude we have two questions for you:

·      Which hack that you are going to try for your kitchen from the above list?

·      Have unique kitchen island hack? Share it with us, we will feature the same.

We will keep as many as hacks for kitchen island to this post in future. So, stay tuned to get more kitchen idea hacks.