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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets? [2021] Experts Opinion

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Looking For How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets? 

Having the best kitchen cabinets, especially grey kitchen cabinets for your kitchen is great. The kitchen cabinets not only make your kitchen look modern, but also makes it easier for you to store your all kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories at one place with ease. 

But when it comes to keeping these kitchen cabinets in good shape is not an easy task, especially when you do not know how to clean kitchen cabinets so that they could not only last longer but also look new always in good condition.

You may think that how to clean your kitchen cabinets is just a simple question. But the fact is that, it’s not so. When you ask the experts, they say differently and the moment you understand it from experts you will understand how you can keep your kitchen cabinets to last longer

If you are looking for the best ways to clean your kitchen cabinets, then you have come to the right place. Today, in this post we are going to take you through the same expert opinion for best ways to clean kitchen cabinets.


Why Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

You may be thinking cleaning kitchen cabinets is just day to day activity in your home as part of home cleaning. And you may forget to clean them properly. As a result of which you may miss out on the longevity of your kitchen cabinets.

But, do you know, you can make your kitchen cabinets to lasts longer more than 25 years. Yes, if you ask us our experts team says the same that when you clean kitchen cabinets properly you can make them last longer than even 50+ years too.

When it comes to cleaning rooms of your house, kitchen is considered to be one of the hardest and messiest room. If not paid more attention on kitchen cabinets you may lose the long life of kitchen cabinets. That’s the main reason why you must clean your kitchen cabinets regularly and properly to increase the lifespan of kitchen cabinets.

how to clean kitchen cabinets

You must maintain and clean kitchen cabinets properly in order to keep them in good condition. If not maintained properly and not cleaned properly you may see your kitchen cabinets getting damaged, wear and tear just after 5 years of usage. You may have to plan for buying new kitchen cabinets which will cost you a lot.

The moment you realize that your kitchen cabinets have gone old and need to replace keep in mind of the below points which will clearly shows you on why you need to clean kitchen cabinets. If not cleaned, what does it cost for you to buy new one.

·      A kitchen cabinet can cost you more than 50% of your complete kitchen renovation. On an average, a kitchen remodel could cost you somewhere around $24,000 ($150 per square foot), says home advisor

·      On an average a complete kitchen cabinet set could cost you around $15,000 for a decent setup

·      If you are looking for a high-end modern kitchen cabinet then this could cost you more than 80% cost of your full-scale kitchen renovation

So rather than not taking care of your kitchen cabinets, the expert’s advice that you must clean kitchen cabinets properly once or twice a week to keep them in good shape so that they can lasts longer.

How To Best Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets – Your Guide To Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

To take you through the expert’s opinion for cleaning kitchen cabinets, we would like to also involve the opinions of top experts in the field of kitchen and home improvement guides. Our research, analysis and interviews with the experts has given enough information on how to clean kitchen cabinets so that you can keep them in good shape all the time.

We have gathered all the information at one place and sharing the same with our customers to follow the right process of cleaning. We suggest you to, checkout their guides to know more about the home cleaning remedies.

Even though the experts out there show their unique ways of cleaning your kitchen cabinets, at the end all comes down to the same principles of kitchen cabinets cleaning strategies and guides.

We definitely recommend you to try these strategies to clean kitchen cabinets to increase the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets and keep your kitchen modern from the day when you have brought in your home.

how to clean wood kitchen cabinets

Experts Opinion for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets:

What experts have to say about to best clean wood kitchen cabinets? Kitchen cabinets can be of different materials. The available kitchen cabinets in the market are wooden kitchen cabinets, stainless steel kitchen cabinets, aluminium kitchen cabinets, fiber kitchen cabinets, metal kitchen cabinets and so on.

Each kitchen cabinets requires different cleaning strategies to keep them in good shape. Not all the cleaning strategies could not be same but at the end all serves your purpose of kitchen cabinets cleaning.

It doesn’t matter which cleaning agent you use the basic steps of how to clean wood kitchen cabinets remains the same. You can follow the below steps to keep your kitchen cabinets in good condition all the time.

How to clean wood kitchen cabinets, step-by-step:

·      For day-to-day cleaning, spray the cleaner or apply the cleaner on the cabinets. You can use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe out the cleaner on the outside of the kitchen cabinets drawers and doors. To remove heavy grease or heavy stains, you can use a little elbow grease so that you can completely clean of the cabinets

·      Now wipe out the cleaner sprayed on to the drawer pulls and door handles thoroughly

·      To clean the hardware and the wood around the hardware along with the crevices of the ornate trim, you can use a smooth toothbrush dipped in the cleaner

·      Spray the cleaning agent inside the doors and drawers and then wipe the cleaner with the help of wet cloth followed by dry cloth

·      For additional care, you can use another fresh cloth dipped in clean water to remove the cleaner sprayed from all the surfaces

·      At the end use another fresh dry towel to clean the entire all surfaces of all areas of kitchen cabinets


1. Wood Kitchen Cleaning Tips From DIY Network by HG TV

To best clean wooden kitchen cabinets you must focus on special cleaning remedies that will help you not only clean the kitchen cabinets but also helps to maintain and keep the wood cabinets in good shape for much longer period of time.

For wood cleaning kitchen cabinets, you need to follow two different strategies called general kitchen cabinets cleaning for day-to-day maintenance and deep cleaning kitchen cabinets for longer maintenance.

Two wood clean kitchen cabinets:

1.    General cleaning wood kitchen cabinets

2.   Deep clean wood kitchen cabinets


General Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Vinegar is considered to be one of the best ingredients and a best DIY home ingredient that helps to clean any kinds of stains of any product, no matter how tough the stains are, especially greasy items. You can use vinegar by mixing up it with other ingredients to make a liquid or a paste and use it to wash and clean of any kitchen items thoroughly.

Thus, vinegar becomes a go-to natural cleaning agent and a go-to natural cleaner used for how to clean greasy cabinets and any other how to clean greasy kitchen items.

To clean the greasy wood kitchen cabinets, follow the below steps:

·      Take 500 ml vinegar and a 500 ml warm water, mix it well and put the mixer into the spray bottle. If you are cleaning complete kitchen cabinets, then you can take 50/50 solution of vinegar and a warm water and then put it into the spray bottle. Spray the solution directly on to the cabinets, allow the solution to settle down for a minute or two and then wipe clean it off with the help of a soft cloth.

·      To clean extremely greasy cabinets or heavily dirty cabinets, you can even add a few drops of any liquid dishwashing detergent to the vinegar and warm water solution mix it well and spray it on kitchen cabinets. Then wipe clean with a soft cloth to get a well cleaned kitchen cabinet. This method can be adopted twice a week to keep the kitchen cabinets clean. 

You can also make use of commercial cleaners, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean kitchen cabinets. Apart from this, you can also make your own cleaners from different ingredients in your kitchen that are eco-friendly, effective and affordable which will perfectly allow you to clean any kitchen cabinet.

Deep Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Deep cleaning is required when your kitchen cabinets are highly stained and won’t come off through general cleaning.

Deep cleaning of your kitchen cabinets involves bit off pressure application with the help of additional cleaning agent which will ensure that your kitchen cabinets and other kitchen appliances clean and keen all the time.

For deep cleaning, to clean the heavily stained and greasy wood kitchen cabinets, follow the below steps:

·      Prepare a paste of vinegar and salt. Take toothbrush or any decent size painting brush, dip them into the paste and then lightly scrub the same on the heavily stained area. Rinse the paste applied area with the help of slightly warm water and then wipe it with the help of dry towel. Remember not to scrub too harder or to use a steel scrubber as you will be damaging your cabinets. Try to use soft cleaning agents to keep the cabinets undamaged.

·      You can also make use of the baking soda to scrub the stained area. Take a wet sponge and put some baking soda, then scrub the stained area. Make sure that you will be using a soft toothbrush or any nylon bristle scrub brush for cleaning so that you prevent the cabinet from scratches.

·      To protect your kitchen cabinets for a longer period of time against stains you can make use of mixed solution of vegetable oil and vinegar in 50:50 ratio and then apply the solution on to the cabinet surfaces. Now you can wipe it off with a help of clean and soft cloth until the surface’s shines

2. Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips By Everyday Cheapskate (Grime and Gunk Removal)

Having great kitchen cabinets in your kitchen not only makes your kitchen look modern, but also worsens your cleaning process every day, as they are prone to different kinds of easily non-cleanable issues such as grease, grime and gunk as they will be sitting in kitchen all the time.

If you are one of those who is asking for what kind of cleaner to use to clean the wood kitchen cabinets, then if you just think of using a commercial wood polishes such as blueoxy wood furniture or waxpol universal furniture polish or tetraclean furniture polish does not going to add any value in removal of heavy grease, grime and gunk. All they do is add a great fragrance or a fresh scent and beauty to the kitchen cabinets with a shiny surface.

Doing in this way for the entire kitchen is going to cost you a lot and leaves you with a dilemma that whether your kitchen cabinets are cleaned off completely or not.

In this condition, the best way to clean kitchen cabinets is to follow the homemade remedies for cleaning the messy and stained kitchen cabinets.


General Cleaning of Kitchen Cabinets

·      Take any empty spray bottle of 500 ml which you can use it for cleaning purpose. Before you use, make sure that you have completely clean off the spray bottle and ensure no dirtiness in the bottle. Ensure that no foreign particles are mixed up or deposited inside the spray bottle

·      Now to prepare a home cleaning agent for kitchen cabinets, pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 4 to 5 tablespoons of white vinegar into the empty spray bottle.

·      Now add warm water until the spray bottle is completely filled.

·      Now shake the spray bottle until the solution is well mixed and generates foam

·      Now spray the solution on to the cabinet’s doors and drawers, then allow it to settle down for a minute or two minutes

·      Now take the soft wet cloth to wipe the solution to remove the dirt, stains and buff. You will now see a beautiful shiny kitchen cabinet

Deep Cleaning of Kitchen Cabinets For Gunk Remover

For a deeper cleaning you require an additional effort, especially to clean off the heavily built-up gunk and grime kitchen cabinets. For this, just follow the below steps:

·      Take a small bowl. Add 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. If you have more than 2 to 3 cabinets to clean then you need to increase the ratio. You can increase in the ration of 1:2 to clean more than 2 to 3 kitchen cabinets

·      Mix the solution with the help of your fingertips until it turns into a thick paste. Apply and smoosh a little bit on to the grimy and gunk surfaces, especially at the corners or near handles

·      Now scrub the applied surface area with the help of your fingertips or a soft sponge so that it settles down

·      Now take any soft toothbrush and scrub the applied areas. The moment you scrub the thick paste along with the grime will fall off leaving the area clean

·      Now it’s time to make the area and the cabinet shiny, which you can achieve by buffing the cabinet and area with the help of a soft cloth


Clean Kitchen Cabinets Using Blue Dawn Dish Wash Liquid

The concentrated dish liquids like blue dawn or dawn ultra-dish liquid contains cleaning agents which absorbs the grease as they do in removing the grease and mess from kitchen surfaces and dishes. But after its usage we need to immediately wipe off or clean the applied surface to prevent streaking or any deposition.

·      Take a bowl, add warm water and then add few drops of concentrated blue dawn dish liquid. Give a good mix to get the well mixed solution

·      Take a soft sponge and dip it into the solution. Make sure that you squeeze the sponge enough until suds form

·      Now apply the solution with the help of sponge and on all dirty areas of kitchen cabinets until the areas becomes clean

·      immediately wipe off the surface with the help of soft dry cloth to get clean and shiny kitchen cabinets

3. Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Without Hurting Them – Tips By Grapes and Spender

If you are looking for how to clean kitchen cabinets without hurting or damaging them, then you could follow the homemade remedies shared by grapes and Spender who shares us the best way to clean your kitchen cabinets without hurting them or without causing any damage to the kitchen cabinets surface.

The best part is that you can follow the below steps to ensure yourself that how to clean wooden kitchen cabinets thoroughly so that you can remove the heavy grease and grime with ease.


General Cleaning – How To Clean Wooden Cabinets?

For general purpose cleaning, the best way to clean kitchen cabinets is that, to use a toothpaste along with other cleaning ingredients. To do so,

·      Prepare a solution of 1 tablespoon toothpaste, 2 tablespoons baking soda and add 1 cup of slightly warm water.

·      Now take a soft sponge or soft cloth dip into the solution and scrub it on to the dirty areas of kitchen cabinets.

·      Now for final touch you can take dry soft cloth and wipe the surface to get a well cleaned shiny wooden cabinets


Deep Cleaning – How To Clean Wooden Cabinets and Remove Grease?

·      Take a sponge and add a 1/4 tablespoon of dish soap or oil wood cleaner. Now wet this sponge slightly and gently scrub the cabinet and greasy areas of cabinet until it forms a lather.

·      Now wipe the surface with the help of wet cloth with the help of fresh water

·      Now with the help of dry microfiber cloth you can wipe to give the final touch up to keep it dry

For additional and best results,

·      You can prepare a thick paste of baking soda and slightly warm water

·      Apply this paste on to the greasy areas just by rubbing the paste in a circular motion with the help of a sponge and slightly press on heavy grease areas so that it can use the abrasiveness of baking soda completely to pull off the grease

·      Now allow it to soak it for at least 10 minutes

·      Once soaked, now you can use a damped piece of cloth to remove the baking soda paste just by wiping it off

·      For final touch up, you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe the surfaces of kitchen cabinets to keep them in shiny condition

4. Clean Food Grease From Kitchen Cabinets – Tips By Spruce

If you are looking for the tips for how to clean kitchen cabinets food grease accumulation, then you can follow the below methods which will help you easy kitchen cabinets cleaning with the help of non-homemade solutions which are readily available in the market.

The worst part of having kitchen cabinets in the kitchen is that they accumulate lot of grease and heavy sticking of food grease directly which are easily non-removable and requires lots of attention while cleaning such grime grease. There are plenty of ways to clean grease from kitchen cabinets, out of which here we have listed few of the expert opinions that you can follow.


Use of All Purpose Orange Oil Cleaner:

When you are using all-purpose orange oil cleaner, you must ensure that when you apply it must be allowed to settle down at-least for 10 minutes, once you spray on the really grimy surface area.

·      Take all purpose orange oil cleaner and spray it on the highly dense grimy surface area

·      After the spray, you can wipe off the cleaner with the help of a warm damp micro cloth

Use of Commercial Goo Gone Cleaner:

·      Before you get started, first wear the rubber hand gloves

·      Take the commercial goo gone cleaner and apply it on greasy area and allow it to settle down for 2 minutes

·      Take a damp micro cloth and heat it in a microwave not more than 35 seconds

·      Immediately after heating, just use the heated damp cloth quickly to wipe the greasy layer from the greasy area

·      Take a mild wood soap and clean the area with the help of water

·      At last, take a soft dry cloth to clean it completely

Use of Hot Water and Dish Soap:

Dish Soap is considered to be one of the best cleaning agents which helps to remove the high concentration of grease effectively.

The Dish Soap is one of the best alkaline-based products which is most efficient grease cleaning agent used for cleaning grease kitchen cabinets. The Dish Soap gives great results of cleaning especially when it is mixed up with hot water.

·      Take a bucket full of extremely hot water and mix a thick spray of dish soap

·      Take a nylon scouring pad to clean the kitchen cabinets thoroughly by gently applying the pad with little pressure

·      Dry the kitchen cabinets once you have finished with one or two rotations application of hot water and dish soap


Use of Wood Cleaner Containing Brazilian Carnauba Wax:

This is one of the best direct ways of cleaning kitchen cabinets. The Carnauba Wax is one of the best ingredients which is more commonly found in a very high-quality wood cleaners and polishes.

Such examples of wood cleaners containing carnauba wax include Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner, which are considered to be the spray pump application wood cleaners.

5. Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Guide – Tips By Thomasville

If you are looking for, how to take care of kitchen cabinets cleaning, then you must need to look for the homeowner’s guides which will help you in cleaning your kitchen cabinets with ease.

One of the best and easiest ways to take care of your kitchen cabinets is to keep them clean by the use of any soft lint-free cloth or any microfiber cloth for laminate and high gloss cabinetry on daily or periodic basis. Which is very easy day-to-day activity which you can follow to get best kitchen cabinets cleaning.

The homeowner’s guide also suggests us to how to tackle the grime kitchen cabinets. The remedies for ensuring grime kitchen cabinets cleaning are as follows:

·      Take a soft cotton cloth or any microfiber cloth for laminate and high gloss cabinetry which can be damped with warm water which will assure you of clean kitchen cabinets

·      When the surface is too grime, then you can prepare a mild solution of a dishwashing liquid and a warm water, give it a complete mix and then apply on the grime surface. This will completely clean of the dirt and grease with one or two wipes. Make sure that you maintain a ratio of 95% warm water and a 5% dish washing liquid

·      Once the surfaces of kitchen cabinets are cleaned off make sure that you clean the surface with a soft wet cloth and then followed by a soft dry cloth

·      If you are using any laminates or any high gloss materials, you must ensure that they are completely dried up with a microfiber cloth completely to avoid any scratches


How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Splatters and Spills?

The first and foremost thing we must follow to clean the splatters and spills on kitchen cabinets is to wipe them quickly as soon as the splatters and spills are generated. Immediate cleaning will ensure you of quick fix rather than having to follow heavy and tough cleaning with full of efforts.

This way you can able to keep your kitchen cabinets long-lasting and the way they were before when you have brought them for the first time.

The worst part of having spatters and spills on kitchen cabinets such as any food, water and other liquids including grease or oil spatters, over a period of time on a prolonged exposure to the environment can cause permanent damage or discoloration to your kitchen cabinets, which are really hard to clean.

·      Wipe them quickly as soon as the splatters and spills generated on your kitchen cabinets

·      Take warm water or any mild dishwashing liquid solution and wipe them off

·      Dry the kitchen cabinets with the help of a clean soft cloth or a microfiber cloth immediately after cleaning to avoid any stains or spots accumulation


How to Clean Glass Doors of Kitchen Cabinets?

The best way to clean glass doors, especially kitchen cabinets glass doors is to make use of any mild soap solution or any other dishwashing or glass washing liquid solution. All you have to do is, take the liquid or solution and spray it on the glass door directly or on a newspaper and then immediately wipe the glass doors off. Now take any dry soft cloth to wipe to get shiny and clean look.

How to Clean Glass Doors of Kitchen Cabinets

Or you can also use just warm water to clean the glass doors which is completely safe. But if the glass doors are too dirty then it requires little extra efforts or a cleaning agent to clean them off.

You can find ammonia-free glass cleaners in the market which are best for cleaning any glass doors with ease. Take the ammonia-free glass cleaner and spray it on any clean and soft cloth or a towel and wipe it on glass doors to get clean and shiny kitchen cabinets glass doors.

Remember not to spray the liquid directly on to the glass as it can generate seepage behind mullions or dividers, which can easily do damage to the wood or any other materials.


What Do You Think About Vinegar and Olive Oil? Are They Good For Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Or Not?

In short, there is no doubt that Vinegar and Olive Oil are considered to be one of the best kitchen cabinets cleaning agents which offers homemade recipes. That is the reason why almost of all the experts suggests and recommend to use vinegar and olive oil homemade solutions to clean wooden kitchen cabinets.

Among each vinegar is considered to be most amazing and best homemade cleaning products which is of great help in cleaning almost all areas of your kitchen as well as your entire home.

Vinegar is already available in your kitchen and hardly anyone knows its use as a best cleaning agent. Vinegar is readily available cleaning liquid, natural and inexpensive, which is highly effective in cleaning and destroying bacteria, mildew, heavy stains and dirt.

But there is still an argument among some experts as they say the use of vinegar and olive oil to clean wood kitchen cabinets is not so good upon continuous use. This becomes even more not so good when you use vinegar and olive oil at a time, which is not so good for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets.

After going through all above remedies, and reading the above sentences, there raises a question why vinegar and olive oil are not so good for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets?


·      Even though vinegar is considered to be best cleaning agent, excessive use of vinegar can damage the coatings and finish of wooden furniture’s.

·      Vinegar is considered to be a paint stripper and vanish remover which is worst when it comes to destroying the coatings on any furniture’s.

·      Excessive use of vinegar can result in melting of furniture finishes over a period of time slowly due to the creation of a thin layer on the surface.

Olive Oil:

·      The worst part of using the olive oil is that it is considered to be staying agent if not cleaned properly.

·      The excessive use of olive oil application to your wooden kitchen cabinets will result in a permanent stay on kitchen cabinets in the form of liquid and spoils.

·      As the olive oil is a non-drying oil, continuous application on wooden kitchen cabinets will result in creation of stench which can attract noxious bacteria which are extremely unhealthy and can put you and your family in unwell condition.

After going through above scenarios, one thing what we can understand is that, you can use vinegar and olive oil to clean wooden kitchen cabinets, only when they are used occasionally and not regularly.

Thus, when it comes to vinegar and olive oil, if used strategically can definitely help you to keep your kitchen cabinets long-lasting. Make sure that when you are using vinegar and olive oil, not clean hardly, clean gently and use a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth, so that you must not damage your wooden kitchen cabinets.


What Will Happen When You Try These Experts Tips For Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning?

Over the past few years, we used to do our own experiments to clean kitchen cabinets which are nowhere giving any results to us. But the moment when we heard from experts, we shocked that the cleaning methods for kitchen cabinets are actually easy and you can follow your own homemade solutions to keep the kitchen cabinets well cleaned.

One of the wooden furniture experts says, one of the instant and best remedies is to the use of Murphy Oil Soap for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets is the best way that you can keep your kitchen cabinets long-lasting.

It’s pretty easy to clean your wooden kitchen cabinets, is to just use the diluted Murphy Oil Soap along with a slightly warm water. The best part of using Murphy Oil Soap is that, you can use it all over the house to clean any wooden cabinets or any wooden household items which gives the same best results, well cleaned and shiny looks.

murphy oil soap_pack of 3_usa

How to use Murphy Oil Soap for Cleaning Wooden Kitchen Cabinets?

The Murphy Oil Soap is a best cleaning kitchen cabinets liquid which is perfect for cleaning any finished wood surfaces. The murphy oil soap can be used for cleaning wood floors, cabinets, tables, chairs, wood paneling, laminate floors and bookcases which are made of wood.

The murphy oil soap contains 98% naturally derived ingredients and is specially formulated with water, coconut and plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance and 2% synthetic ingredients.

The murphy oil soap can also be used for cleaning non-wood surfaces such as no-wax floors, ceramic tiles, painted surfaces, laundry stains, cars, leather and vinyl surfaces.

·      For normal cleaning, you can dilute the 1/4 cup murphy oil soap in one gallon of warm water. And for heavy cleaning, you can dilute 1/2 cup murphy oil soap per gallon of warm water

·      Gently apply the solution of murphy oil soap and warm water to the wooden kitchen cabinets area and with bit of pressure on heavily grease areas with the help of a clean soft cloth

·      Clean well with wrung-out mop, and mop any excess water. No visible residue, no rinsing required

·      For the final touchup, you can take any dry soft cloth and wipe the surface of the kitchen cabinets to ensure there are no residue left for additional care

The murphy oil soap should not be used on unfinished, unsealed or waxed wood surfaces because they may be water sensitive. Before using on an unknown surface, it is advised to test in on inconspicuous area. Dulling or discoloration indicates that the wood may be waxed or needs refinishing.


Trying and Testing Experts Tips For Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning?

Now we know the use of murphy oil soap, let us also try all the above-mentioned kitchen cabinets cleaning tips shown by experts and the results are amazing. Let us find the best way to clean wooden kitchen cabinets.

1. DIY Network Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

As we have discussed earlier, the best way of cleaning your kitchen cabinets is to follow the vinegar and warm water mixture which is perfect for cleaning your kitchen cabinets with ease. The results are amazing, as the vinegar and water mixture did a great job in cleaning our kitchen cabinets.

This is one of the best homemade solution for cleaning your kitchen cabinets which is inexpensive and most effective.

2. Everyday Cheapskate Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

Like the above method along with the use of vinegar, warm water and olive oil also really does the job of cleaning your kitchen cabinets. Again, olive oil also being the inexpensive item and which is also readily available in your kitchen this homemade recipe becomes the much effective ways of cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

3. Grapes and Spendor Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

We usually use toothpaste to clean sinks and any steel utensils as they were great in cleaning and giving the items a shiny look. But never tried it on our kitchen cabinets. Well, when tried and tested out, we shocked. The results are quite impressive when it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets.

The other inexpensive method or a homemade kitchen cabinets cleaning recipe is the solution of baking soda, toothpaste and a warm water.

Baking soda is always available in your kitchen as you will be using it for preparing food. When this mixed with a toothpaste along with water, really, they give a great result. When cleaned the kitchen cabinets turned into shiny and well cleaned cabinets which almost looked newly brought ones.

4. Spruce Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

When it comes to the use of commercial products such as goo gone, orange oil cleaner and canruaba wax, are considered to be great cleaning agents which are especially made for cleaning wooden furniture’s. When tried, we found that they are really amazing in cleaning the toughest and stubborn grease or food residue which was present on our wooden kitchen cabinets.

These commercial products are best in cleaning any spot residues or heavy greasy spot areas.

5. Thomasville Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning

The use of a dish washing liquid an alkaline-based product has really turned the greasy kitchen cabinets into a newly, fresh and clean looking kitchen cabinets.

It really makes sense, when you understand that when this dishwashing liquid can clean the heavy grease and food residue on any of your utensils such as pots and pans, then it also means that it can even clean your kitchen cabinets with ease.


How We Clean Our Wooden Kitchen Cabinets?

To clean our kitchen cabinets, we use the below best methods for cleaning any wooden cabinets.

1.    Dawn Dish Soap + Extremely Hot Water Method

2.   Murphy Oil Soap + Slightly Warm Water Method

In the first method, we used a squirt of dawn dish soap liquid into a bucket full of extremely hot water. In general, we maintained a ratio of 1/2 tablespoon and 8 cups of water. For normal dirty areas, we used a soft cloth (a microfiber cloth) to clean our kitchen cabinets. Later, for heavy greasy areas, we used a Scotch-brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge which we have dipped into a solution.

In the second method, we used 1/4 of murphy oil soap poured into 1 gallon of water and mixed it well. Then wiped the wooden kitchen cabinets thoroughly to remove the greasy and dirt areas. For the final touchup we used a soft cloth to dry out the surface to get the shiny surface and well cleaned kitchen cabinets.

Which Products to Avoid While Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets?

·      Avoid the sue of harsh detergents, strong soaps, multi-purpose and abrasive cleaning products such as tub and sink cleaners, scouring powders and scouring pads and steel wool or self-polishing waxes

·      Avoid using sponges or dish cloths which you have already used for cleaning your pots and pans. The reason is that they could contain particles that could scratch your cabinets, as well as food, oil residue or remnants of harsh cleaning solutions. So, it is advised to take a fresh one while cleaning your kitchen cabinets

·      Avoid the use of paper towels or similar products especially for high gloss cabinetry, due to the ease of scratching

·      Avoid the use of solvent based or petroleum-based products such as mineral spirits, nail-polish removers or paint thinners

·      Must avoid the use of ammonia, bleach or cleaning products that contain either ammonia or bleach

·      Avoid the use of silicone-based cleaning, waxing or polishing products


When to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The best ways to clean your kitchen cabinets is to clean them off every time immediately you finish cooking your food or every night so that you don’t have to put too much efforts later to clean them off. This is easiest way that you can keep your kitchen cabinets in good shape and good condition for a longer period of time.

The other way around you can do a routine cleaning once a week, once a month or seasonal cleaning.

1. Weekly Cleaning

When you don’t have time to clean your kitchen cabinets every day, you can just shift to weekly cleaning which is the best way to clean kitchen cabinets with a weekly spot treatment. You can make use of any commercial cleaners, spray them on to your kitchen cabinets and wipe them off with a dry soft cloth to remove the dirt, grease, fingerprint, spatters, spills and other marks.

2. Monthly Cleaning

For monthly cleaning you can make use of a solution of murphy oil soap and slightly warm water. Take a soft microfiber cloth, dip it into the solution and wipe it on the dirty and greasy areas of your kitchen cabinets. Then, take a fresh dry soft cloth to wipe for removing any moisture from the kitchen cabinets.

3. Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning is all about ensuring that your kitchen cabinets get a deep cleaning throughout the year at-least four times in a year. This cleaning can be ensured by the use of dawn dish soap liquid and an extremely hot water solution.

Wipe out all the areas, shelves, handles, doors including the interiors to give a complete cleaning treatment. Make sure that you use a toothbrush or a soft paint brush to clean the corners and other small crevices for better and complete cleaning.



If you are someone who has recently brought new modern kitchen cabinets, then you must be looking for how to clean kitchen cabinets so that they can last-longer. They are expensive and you love your modern wooden kitchen cabinets and doesn’t want them to get damaged, right?

Your same issue we have addressed in this article with our complete guide on how to clean wooden kitchen cabinets with easily affordable homemade remedies too which will 100% ensure you off well cleaned kitchen cabinets which will stay as new for a longer run.

According to our research, analysis and try outs we recommend you to use the solution of murphy oil soap and water or dawn dishwash soap liquid and hot water for best clean kitchen cabinets results.

Got any ideas to clean kitchen cabinets?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

It will help our community to try and test so that they too can clean and maintain to keep their kitchen cabinets for longer period of time.


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