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We all know how much a sink in your kitchen plays a vital role in modernizing your kitchen. It all began with the stainless steel sinks which even today can be seen in most of the kitchen. But, have you ever checked that there are plenty of kitchen sink options that you can go for which help your kitchen look clean and elegant.

Similar to the kitchen lighting types, the kitchen sink types are also very much important, as they add great looks to your kitchen. Having a kitchen sink type that perfectly matches with your kitchen will help you in designing your kitchen.

In your kitchen design, the kitchen sinks, especially the kitchen sink with faucet have played huge part in complementing the kitchen design. For centuries, the stainless steel kitchen sinks are the ones that are considered to be budget friendly and lasts longer.

But as the technology has moved into future, the kitchen design trends have also been changed. There are plenty of kitchen sink trends today that you can choose from and design your kitchen well. If you are one of those, who is looking for latest kitchen sink trends then you are in the right place. In this modern kitchen guide, we are going to take you through such options of kitchen sink that are trendy. 

Over the past years there are lot of innovations that have happened and the increasing demand and transition to modern kitchens have made customers to look for kitchen sink options that are trendy now a days. Those who don’t want to use stainless steel sinks anymore, are looking for kitchen sink alternatives that makes kitchen look more elegant and modern.

These types of kitchen sink trends are specifically designed to increase the kitchen looks and are available in different designs and plenty of colors to choose from. The below listed options for kitchen sink are much more trendier and elegant to eyes. These types of kitchen sinks offer great finish and are far better from stainless steel sinks.


List of kitchen sink options for your kitchen:

1. Farmhouse Sinks

2. Textured Apron Fronts

3. Workstation Sinks and Accessories

4. Stone Finish Sinks

5. Seamless Sink Integration

1. Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are considered as most preferred alternatives for stainless steel sinks. This is for the fact that they look both modern and traditional and can be used in any type of kitchen design. They are highly versatile in nature, and offers plenty of options to choose from.

The best part of the farmhouse sinks is that they come in variety of modern design styles as well as traditional design styles. These types of sinks are usually, big and offers open container like basins which helps to easily accommodate dishes and offers easy cleaning of dishes too.

Most of the farmhouse sinks are widely available in white porcelain. However, if you are a steel lover, then they are also available in stainless steel. Apart from these types, in todays market, they are also available in natural stone, fired clay, copper, and wood too depending upon your kitchen design.

The farmhouse kitchen sinks looks elegant in your kitchen and are easy to clean. If you combine your kitchen with a white porcelain farmhouse sink, and lots of open kitchen windows that offers plenty of sunlight, then the kitchen looks clear, crisp, and elegant to anyone’s eyes. 

2. Textured Apron Fronts

Those people who are looking for similar sinks to that of stainless steel kitchen sinks, then textured apron fronts are the ones you should go for. These types of kitchen sinks are designed with an exposed front, have a deep and wide sink vessel, and extends slightly beyond your lower cabinetry.

Apart from drop-in and undermount sinks, the textured apron sinks are also in high demand. Most of the times these are considered to be permanent part of sink design.

However, you are also having the option of elkay crosstown kitchen sink apron cover for an interchangeable apron option. This can also be fitted with a stainless steel farmhouse sink with an interchangeable apron.  

3. Work Station Sinks and Accessories

If you are having a small kitchen, then the workstation sinks are the best options. The workstation kitchen helps to enhance the kitchen functioning in much fast and smoother manner. These types of kitchen sink can be designed with a slide-over cutting boards, drainboards, and colander inserts, that helps to optimize kitchen space.

With the workstation kitchen sinks you not only can optimize kitchen space but also helps to keep the kitchen from any kind of messiness. Additionally, when it is installed with racks, helps you keep your food items, dishware, or metal cook off the surface of the sink. This will help the kitchen sink to preserve brand-new anytime and all the time, especially for porcelain sink or light-colored finishes.

4. Stone Finish Sinks

Talk about kitchen sink trends, the stone finish sinks are the ones that are highly in demand in the market. They offer great finishes and blends well with the kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets or kitchen granite’s. Not only they are stunning, but they are also elegant for a modern kitchen.

The stone finish sinks are nothing but the granite sinks that are designed to be part of kitchen cabinets or kitchen stands or kitchen countertop. Some of them are entirely made of granite and some of them are made of composite sink options, which includes flecks and crystals from granite or any other natural stones.

With stone finish sinks you not only enjoy the hygienic and non-porous sink, but also enjoy the shade, finish, and natural stone looks depending upon your kitchen design. You can either choose granite or quartz slabs that perfectly and seamlessly blend in with kitchen countertops. Whatever your kitchen countertop would be, they comes in all shapes and sizes.

5. Seamless Sink Integration

Another options for kitchen sink would be the seamless sink integration. This makes your kitchen well blend with the sink leaving behind any kind of textures, decorative items or imperfections. You can check with kitchen re-modeler and assign this task of seamless sink integration and they will deliver it to you as per your request.

The best advantage of having seamless kitchen sink design is that, they completely avoid accumulation of grime, food debris, moisture, and mold/mildew collection. This will help your family to stay always fit and fine, resulting in increased health conscious kitchen. You can checkout for DuPont’s integrated and impactful corian solid surface sink concept.

Seamless sink integration brings in great modern kitchen looks. It enhances the clean finish and elegant looks of a kitchen. The kitchen countertops can be designed in such a way that they easily and seamlessly bends in with the kitchen sinks. 


If you look at the types of kitchen sink there are plenty of options that you can choose from kitchen sink options from the market. You can always look for a kitchen sink that perfectly matches with your kitchen design.

Kitchen sinks can also be remodeled or designed to match your kitchen design or vice versa. Kitchen sinks with faucets adds more excellence and elegance to your kitchen. If you ask us, the seamless kitchen sinks are the ones which you should go for. These not only enhances your kitchen looks but also modernizes your kitchen.