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How to Renovate Your Kitchen With These 11 Types of Kitchen Lighting Types [2021]

The moment when you think of remodeling your kitchen or want to modernize your kitchen the first thing that comes into your mind is what types of kitchen lightings, I must install in my kitchen so that these kitchen lighting types enhances my kitchen looks not only in decorative way but also elegant in kitchen design too.

Thanks to today’s modern kitchen lighting ideas that helps you modernize your kitchen with different lighting types of kitchen lightings, especially with the help of modern kitchen island lights. There are plenty of kitchen lighting types that you can choose to install in your kitchen to give your kitchen modern look.

Looking for light fixtures kitchen? If you have thought of planning to remodel your kitchen or to modernize your kitchen with kitchen lightings depending upon the kitchen types that you have, then you are in right place.

In this post today we are going to cover all types of kitchen lighting fixtures which you must look for before you buy anyone one of them. After reading this post you can be able to decide which type of kitchen lighting you must go for that helps you to well design your kitchen.


Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures [2021]

Why you need to know about the types of kitchen lighting fixtures?

To remodel your kitchen, the first thing you must look for is the kitchen lighting fixtures. Kitchen Lightings are the one that makes your kitchen look amazing and helps to stand among other rooms of your kitchen. You must look for kitchen light options or different type of lights first before you start renovating your kitchen.

You might have seen many kitchen lighting ideas outside or in bar or in a restaurant which has inspired you. You might have also looked at the internet online or in magazines or youtube that how the kitchen lightings enhance your kitchen design. But the fact is that which kitchen lightings will fits perfect for your kitchen?

types of kitchen lighting

Kitchen light fixtures are best for modernizing your kitchen and are very helpful in decorating your kitchen. They are not only attractive but also functional in lighting your kitchen the way you want. Each kitchen lights have their own identity, and they provide illumination as per your needs such as at corners, in the middle, or a spotlight and so on.

You need to install kitchen lights as per your kitchen types and your requirements from these types of kitchen lighting. No matter how modern your kitchen is or how retro is your kitchen or how old is your kitchen, these kitchen lighting types helps you illuminate your kitchen perfectly as per your needs.

When you are looking to remodel your kitchen, it is not an easy part when it comes to kitchen lighting design. The lighting design for kitchen involves better knowledge of all available lighting types in the market. The best part is that you will get all your answers about lighting types here in this buyers guide.


11 Types of Kitchen Lighting For Your Kitchen [2021] – Types of Lighting Fixtures

Choose and install the right kitchen light fixtures based on your kitchen types from these 11 types of kitchen light fixtures as per your kitchen design and kitchen needs. These different types of lighting for kitchen are must to remodel your kitchen and turn it into a modern kitchen.

These kitchen fixtures for lighting ensures you of sufficient illumination throughout your kitchen, no matter how big or how small is your kitchen. You can choose the best kitchen lighting for your kitchen based on your kitchen types.

There are plenty of kitchen fixtures for lighting that you can choose to remodel your kitchen into a modern kitchen. Here are few of them which we have captured for you, which we consider them as best light fixtures kitchen.

Remodel you kitchen with these kitchen light design fixtures so that they help you to get better illumination across your kitchen. Make sure that you remember all these light fixture names before you buy one from these types of lighting fixtures. Consider buying these lighting fixtures types to remodel your kitchen.


1. Dining Area Light Fixtures For Kitchen

Having a dining table setup in your kitchen not only makes it convenient for family dinner time but also helps your kitchen to look cool and amazing. Addition to this installing dining area light fixtures gives you the feeling of restaurant dinner time, but also makes your lunch and dinner time interesting.

The remodeling of your kitchen for dining involves the removal of an existing wall and reorganizing your kitchen space with the help of kitchen floor plan. You can remove the existing wall to incorporate dining area as per your needs, look and feel.


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These light fixture types selected for your dining hall not only adds great style but also gives you the feel of having dinner all the time. A dining kitchen light fixture with a dimmer switch helps you set the mood for different occasions as and when required.

The kitchen lights which you will be selecting for your kitchen are an important feature in the overall design of your kitchen. Usually, for lighting your dining room an up-light chandeliers are used to illuminate all area of your kitchen.

2. Decorative Pendant Lights For Kitchen

As the name suggests the decorative pendant lights are used to decorate your kitchen to get stylish and retro look for your kitchen. Decorative pendant lights are the ones which makes your kitchen look stylish, elegant, and full of color vividness along with a focal point to your kitchen.

The best part of pendant lights is that they often come in different shapes, sizes, color, and materials. These pendant lights are unique in nature and offers different kinds of lighting and unique lighting conditions for your kitchen.



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These pendant lights are often designed with glass lights which offers glow to your kitchen and includes metallic fixtures which becomes an architectural element of your kitchen. To get better lighting to your entire kitchen you can add two to three pendant lights and install on an island across or over the entire island.

The best pendant lights are those with white globes which are suspended from ceiling with the help of dark brown or black metal rods which illuminate your island kitchen, which becomes an architectural element in designing your kitchen.

The main advantages of pendant lights are,

·      Pendant light fixtures are highly adaptable for installation

·      Are highly versatile to choose from wise range of styles and sizes

·      Helps to save more space in your kitchen as it can be installed from ceiling

·      Provides more illumination as they can be installed from heights from ceiling

·      Prices are very competitive and can be easily affordable

·      Pendant lights are best for decorative purpose as they can be installed with different lighting types of pendant lighting

·      Adds and creates ambiance in your kitchen

3. Spotlights For Kitchen

Spotlights must have lighting types for your kitchen, especially when you have a larger kitchen, and the general lighting setup is not enough and not sufficient in illuminating your kitchen.

These kitchen spot lights are best when you want to illuminate a particular area or section of your kitchen as per your kitchen activities. Spotlights helps to increase the illumination and can be directed towards a section where you need extra lighting.

Multiple spotlights can be used for illuminating your kitchen areas to have better lighting for your kitchen. The spotlights are considered as best kitchen bar light fixtures for your kitchen lighting.



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The main advantages of spotlights are,

·      LED spotlights are most popular and long-lasting

·      LED spotlights are cost-effective, and can be used in your kitchen, indoor and outdoor too

·      LED spotlights are environmentally friendly compared to other types of bulbs

·      Spotlights are helpful in directing the light exactly to the required kitchen work area

·      Multiple spotlights when installed provides great illumination for larger kitchen surface area

·      Spotlights installed with LED bulbs have very strong emitting points

·      Spotlights installed with LED bulbs are highly responsive and offers very fast illumination just at an interval of microsecond

·      Spotlights with LED bulbs offers highly concentrated emission of light

·      Spotlights with LED bulbs offers long-life almost up to 50000 to 100000 hours

·      LED spotlights are highly efficient and are offers great energy saving of luminous efficiency of up to 80% to 90%

4. Directional Recessed Lighting For Kitchen

Directional recessed lights are the ones which can help you illuminate your kitchen directionally at an angle to point light exactly where you want as per your needs. The best part of these directional recessed lighting helps to adjust the angles of lighting as and when you require at any time downside to point the light to the exact direction.


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The directional recessed lights can be used to cast light onto the working areas of your kitchen such as cooktop, refrigerator, ovens, sink and cooking areas. The directional recessed lights are one of the best lighting for kitchen.

To get better illumination across your kitchen you can install 4 to 5 directional recessed lighting uniformly across your kitchen. At the same time, you can direct the light beam from recessed fixtures when you use an eyeball trim casing with rotation.

This is the best part of the directional recessed lights that the directional trims can be adjustable to a minimum of 45-degrees to illuminate the kitchen work area.

5. Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen

Cabinet lighting can be treated as best part of decorating your kitchen. Cabinet lights not only helps you save current but also helps you illuminate a particular cabinet so that can switch them on and off as per your needs.

Cabinet lights are must especially at nights and for those with vision problems. They help you display the internal contents of your cabinets easily. You can easily identify any ingredients or bottles, especially when you are cooking.

You can install puck lights inside of your kitchen cabinets and for better modern kitchen looks you can also install glass doors for your kitchen cabinets. You can make it more decorative by installing LED light strips which are great option when it comes to undercabinet lighting.



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