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Looking for best dishwasher? Tired of searching for best dishwasher in India over the internet? But, still haven’t found which one is the perfect best dishwasher for your modern kitchen? It doesn’t matter whether you use a water from your best water purifiers or a water from your stored tank or borewell to clean your utensils, you must need a dishwasher for cleaning your utensils.

Well, if so, you are in the right place!

Everyday cleaning your utensils such as your best thermos flask might have become an annoying thing for you because, you may not be having time or your maid not regularly coming for utensil cleaning.

Well, whatever might be the reason, cleaning of utensil is really annoying when you don’t have time. This makes it much more difficult, especially when you might be having utensils of different shapes. So, choosing the best dishwasher isn’t going to be easy task when you have no idea about dishwashers.

The people who live in India can definitely relate as they know the kind of utensils they use for cooking. Thus, if you are in India and searching for best dishwasher in India or it doesn’t even matter where you are in the world. Buying the best dishwasher always makes you confused, and you may end up buying the wrong one.

Again confused? Don’t worry!

We here at “Modern Kitchen Ideas” will help you out to find and choose the best dishwasher for your modern kitchen. With in-depth analysis, we have come up with our own 15 best dishwashers in India list which are of top-rated dishwashers. The dishwashers covered in this post are not only best but also offers complete review and buying guide, so that you can buy the best dishwasher for cleaning your dirty utensils.

Hope this list of best dishwashers reviews in 2021 and beyond will surely help you out to find the best dishwasher for your modern kitchen.

Let’s dive right in!



Our Top 15 Top Rated Best Dishwashers 2021

Best Dishwasher in India

Best Dishwashers In India of 2021 – Our Top 15 Picks:

Sl No.

Best Dishwasher

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Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Best Dishwasher – DT8S

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Faber 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher – FFSD 8PR 14S

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IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Best Dishwasher – 12 Place Settings

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Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Best Dishwasher

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Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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LG DFB424FP Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F Free Standing 13 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Bosch SMS66GW01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Bosch SMS24AW00I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Voltas Beko Best Dishwasher – DF14W

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Faber 12 Place Setting Best Dishwasher – FFSD 6PR 12S Inox Finish

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Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 Built-in 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

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Best Dishwasher In India 2021

Bring home the best dishwasher today.

But you might be thinking why do even I need a best dishwasher? Well, you need it as one of the most lifesaver for cleaning your utensils. The best part of it is that its one-time investment and it’s going to be your all-time solution in helping you clean your dirtiest utensils.

In this post of modern kitchen ideas today we have covered our list of top 15 best dishwasher in India you can buy right now.

What is a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is an automatic machine for cleaning kitchen utensils, dishware and cutlery that cleans automatically. Thus, the best dishwasher is the one which is considered to be the best dishwasher machine that automatically cleans your dirty kitchen utensils, dishware and cutlery with ease and delivers overall high performance with highly cleaned utensils.

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1. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Best Dishwasher – DT8S

The first in our list of best dishwashers is, Voltas Beko DT8S Dishwasher. The Voltas Dishwashers are one of the best dishwashers in India and are most popular brands in India from long time. This takes the top place because of its overall performance.

Key Features:

·      8 Place Settings

·      6 Wash Programs

·      Product Size: Table Top

·      Cutlery Tray: Small

·      No. of Spray Levels: 2

·      Inbuilt Heater: 70ºC Wash Temperature

·      Can Wash Stainless Steel, Plastics, etc.

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

·      3 Years Warranty on Motor

The Voltas DT8S Dishwasher is of compact size and offers 6 Wash Programs for efficient washing of dishes which is perfect for your modern kitchen. When you think of modern kitchen ideas, it can easily sit atop the counter near your sink and which looks stunning.

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This dishwasher is not only simple to use and is extremely energy and water efficient too. The 8 Place Setting of the Voltas DT8S Dishwasher can wash up to 96 dishes at a time.

The Voltas DT8S Dishwasher comes with 6 wash programs which has multiple wash programs that cover all types of dishes such as:

1.    Intensive

2.   Normal

3.   Eco

4.   Glass Care

5.   Clean & Shine

6.   Mini 30 Minute Program

The Voltas DT8S Dishwasher has an intensive 70ºC temperature that provides superior and hygienic cleaning using powerful water jets and high temperature.

This dishwasher provides superior washing and drying of lightly soiled crockery and glassware with its clean and shine technology. With its 2 spray levels technology it uses two spray arms to wash dishes in the upper and lower racks of the dishware.

2. Faber 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher – FFSD 8PR 14S

The second in our list of best dishwashers is, Faber 8PR 14S Dishwasher.

The Faber Dishwashers are the best dishwashers which are highly popular in foreign countries as compared to India. However, thanks to the Faber DDSD 8PR 14S Dishwasher, which is also made for Indian kitchen utensils which is perfect for your modern kitchen.

Key Features:

·      Houses 14 Kg Capacity

·      8 Wash Programs

·      14 Place Setting

·      Suitable for Families of up to 6 Members

·      Washing Noise Level: 65 dB

·      Spinning Noise Level: 35 dB

·      Water Consumption: 10 to 17 Liters based on type of running program

·      Intensive Kadai Mode for Heavy Soiled Utensil

·      Energy Consumption: 1 to 1.16 KW Hours

·      Multifunctional 3 Layer Cutlery Basket and Child Safety Lock

·      1 Year Warranty

This Faber Dishwasher comes with a 3D technology so called 3D Wash. This technology helps you to wipe out the masala, oil and black stains with ease. This dishwasher uses 3 Spray Arms and ensures maximum water is getting sprayed across all the corners of the dishwasher, which saves up to 15% time.

The Faber Dishwasher helps you save lots of energy with its energy efficient features both in case of cleaning as well as during cleaning.

The Auto Wash Feature of Faber Dishwasher helps you clean your dishes even more conveniently. This means, it automatically determines the amount of water and time required for cleaning and gives you the clean dishes on its own.

The Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Dishwasher comes with 8 Washing Programs such as:

1.    Intensive

2.   Normal

3.   Eco

4.   90 Minutes

5.   Glass

6.   Rapid

7.   Soak (Pre-Wash)

8.   Auto Wash

Safety first. This means the Faber Dishwasher comes with Child Lock which keeps your kids safe. All you have to do is just press the zone wash and delay start button at a time and that’s it. It is child locked now.

The other features such as Delay Start Feature which works as per your schedule and the dual zone wash ensures you of targeted cleaning in thee selected wash zone which it could be upper or lower without running a full load cycle.

With its Power Wash Degree Feature the Faber Dishwashers heat water up to 69ºC. The Extra Dying Feature ensures all your dishes are dried up faster and easier. Unlike other dishwashers, the Faber Dishwashers works at 45 dB, which makes them one of the silent dishwashers in the market.

3. IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Best Dishwasher – 12 Place Settings

The third in our list of best dishwashers is, IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher.

The IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher is also one of the other well-known brands all over the world whose appliances are modern and are perfect for your modern kitchen. This dishwasher is designed such that it perfectly fits into any kind of kitchen.

This dishwasher comes with 12 Place Setting model with an Extra Heavily Soiled Program feature which helps to remove even the stubborn stains on your utensils.

Key Features:

·      5 Wash Programs

·      12 Place Setting

·      Perfect for Families of up to 6 Members

·      Noise Level: 52 dB

·      Water Softening Device

·      Heavily Soiled Program Feature

·      Adjustable Upper Basket when Empty

·      Drying System is Natural

·      Water Consumption: 12 L

·      Energy Consumption: 2.2 KW

·      2 years of Product Warranty

The 12 place setting of IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher offers One Place Setting which consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork.

This means that you can easily stack and place in tall glasses, small cups, big pans, cutlery and various dishes with ease by utilizing maximum of space.

The IFB Neptune FX dishwasher comes with A++ Energy Efficiency which helps you save lots of money on your electrical and water bills. The Eco Wash Feature of IFB Neptune FX dishwasher uses less water, detergent and electricity, which is a great deal.

If you have the less utensils to wash then the flexible Half Load Feature of IFB Neptune FX dishwasher helps to load the upper or lower basket and the rest will be taken care by the dishwasher itself.

The Height Adjustable Basket of IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher helps you to clean the large utensils as the basket can be adjusted and fitted in up or down.

Another good feature of IFB Neptune FX Dishwasher is that it houses its own Water Softening Device which helps water softening by energizing water, dissolving detergent better. The Quick Wash of this dishwasher helps you to wash dishes in just 40 minutes when you are in hurry.

4. Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Best Dishwasher

The fourth in our list of best dishwashers is, Hafele Aqua 12S Dishwasher.

Hafele appliances is one of the best dishwasher manufactures all over the world. The hafele’s dishwasher is specially designed for your modern kitchen, especially India.

The Hafele appliances houses dishwashers which are perfectly designed with German Design and engineering with German Innovation, specifically for Indian Kitchen Environments.

Key Features:

·      12 Space Setting

·      Low Water Consumption meaning Consumes 11 L for washing

·      99.9% Gem-Free Cleaning

·      Aqua 12 S Dishwasher for No Wet Utensils

·      Soft Touch Shelves

·      German Innovation, Design and Engineering

·      Ideal for Modern Kitchen

·      Freestanding Dishwasher

The Aqua 12 S Feature of Hafele dishwasher makes the wet utensils perfectly dry within 12 S without leaving any moisture or water droplets on the utensils. The Hafele dishwasher comes with a 12 Place Setting which is perfect for any average Indian household. This also consumes less water (only 11 L) for cleaning your dishes.

The Hafele dishwasher offers 99.9% Gem-Free cleaning meaning the aqua 12 S dishwasher delivers a hygienic wash capable of eliminating 99.9% germs and bacteria. The Hafele dishwasher with its aqua 12 S dishwasher takes the perfect care of your glass dishes with its glass care program which is 40ºC and 60-minute gentle cycle.

The racks and spikes in the Hafele Aqua 12 S dishwasher are coated with Nylon which ensures gentle hold of your utensils. This also comes with an additional cutlery basket for larger space. With the half load function in Hafele aqua 12 S dishwasher helps to clean small households that saves 20% more water and saves 10% more energy when compared to operating on full load.

5. Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The fifth in our list of best dishwashers is, Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher. The bosch dishwashers are perfectly designed for Indian Households which helps to clean heavy and large utensils with ease.

This bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher also one of the best modern kitchen dishwashers that helps to remove the tough stains and dirt from utensils with its Intensive Kadhai Program.

Key Features:

·      12 Place Setting

·      Perfect for Small-Sized Households (1-2 Members)

·      Removable Rack that helps to Load Tall Vessels in 2nd Rack

·      6 Wash Programs

·      No Pre-Rinse Needed

·      2 Years Warranty of Product

The bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher is also a German Design which is perfectly made for Indian kitchens, which helps to clean tall, large, big, small or utensils with heavy stains too. The Intensive Kadhai Program is designed to clean any of the intense stains on any of your utensils by heating the water which helps to remove the oil and masala stains.

The Adjustable Rack Feature of bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher helps you to load large utensils and even heavy kadhais with ease. The bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher houses sensors that detects and helps to loosen toughest stains so that there is no need of pre-rinsing.

With the 70ºC of water heating capacity the bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher kills up to 99.9% of gems and microorganisms so that you can get a hygienic cleaning. The bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher also helps to dry out the utensils by heating the inner walls of dishwasher before you take them out.

6. LG DFB424FP Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The sixth in our list of best dishwashers is, LG DFB424FP Dishwasher.

The LG dishwashers are also another most popular home appliance brands in India and all over the world. The LG DFB424FP dishwasher is one of the LG true steam dishwashers which is sleek in design which is perfect for any modern kitchen.

The LG DFB424FP dishwasher helps to clean your utensils and dishes with 30% less water spots with its True Steam and Quad Wash Technologies.

Key Features:

·      14 Place Setting

·      True Steam Technology

·      QuadWash Technology

·      Easy Rack Plus

·      Smart ThinQ

·      Height Adjustable Upper Rack

·      2 Years of Warranty on Product

·      10 Years of Warranty on Motor

The True Steam Feature of LG DFB424FP dishwasher which is developed by the boiling water reaches the entire surface of every dish inside the dishwasher and ensures in perfect cleaning of dishes. The QuadWash Feature of LG DFB424FP dishwasher houses a multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets that ensures maximum coverage of water for complete cleaning of utensils.

Comes with Easy Rack Plus which allows you to adjust the racks according to your utensils for proper cleaning. The LG DFB424FP dishwasher comes with LG ThinQ Technology for connectivity, convenience and customization options which is perfect for it to be a Modern Kitchen Appliance for smarter world.

With the Inverter Direct Drive Motor, the LG DFB424FP dishwasher is designed to be quiet and less noisy with fewer moving parts, which is energy efficient too.

7. LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The seventh in our list of best dishwashers is, LG DFB424FW Dishwasher. This is also yet another LG dishwasher model in LG true steam dishwasher’s family. Modern, sleek design and perfect for modern kitchen.

The LG DFB424FW dishwasher also comes with true steam and quad wash technology to get sparkling cleans dishes with 30% less water spots.

Key Features:

·      14 Place Setting

·      True Steam Technology

·      Quad Wash Technology

·      Noise Level: 45 dB

·      Easy Rack Plus

·      Smart ThinQ Feature

·      Height Adjustable Upper Rack

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

·      10 Years Warranty on Motor

The TrueSteam Technology of LG DFB424FW dishwasher ensures that the steam of boiled water reaches the entire surface of every dish inside the tub to give sparkling clean dishes. This intern helps to reduce water spots with the help of pure water particles of steam.

The other feature of LG DFB424FW dishwasher, QuadWash ensures maximum coverage of sprinkling water with the help of multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets. The LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor of LG DFB424FW dishwasher is designed to be quieter with fewer moving parts.

With the help of Easy Rack Plus it is easier for cleaning your tall and large utensils by adjusting the racks as you require. The LG DFB424FW dishwasher has a SmartThinQ Technology for connectivity, convenience and customization options.

8. IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The eighth in our list of best dishwashers is, IFB Neptune VX dishwasher. Yet another LG Dishwasher model, IFB Neptune VX dishwasher is also one of the most preferred dishwashers for your modern kitchen that helps to clean your all of utensils with ease.

The IFB Neptune VX dishwasher comes many more modern features for your comforts for better and clean dish washing.

Key Features:

·      12 Place Setting

·      9 L Water Consumption

·      Energy Consumption: 0.9 KWh

·      Maximum Water: 2.2 KW

·      Power Supply: 220 V to 240 V

·      Single Phase: 15, 50 HZ

·      Noise Level: 49 dBA

·      2 Wash Arms

The Jet Washer Mode of IFB Neptune VX dishwasher helps to clean utensils like coffee mugs, tea cups, milk and tea making utensils with ease. The cleaning is done by taking not more than 18 Minutes using its 4-place setting capacity.

The IFB Neptune VX dishwasher is energy efficient with A++ Rating, which consumes water around 9 Liters per day which is ideal for saving of water in dishwashers.

The adjustable racks of IFB Neptune VX dishwasher makes it easier for you to clean large or tall utensils by adjusting racks as per your needs. The Water Softening Device of IFB Neptune VX dishwasher helps to soften the hard water up to 60 dh so that the detergent can dissolve perfectly in it. This makes cleaning of dishes efficient.

With the help of Steam Drying Option of IFB Neptune VX dishwasher helps to vaporize all the moisture thus leaving all utensils dried out.

9. Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F Free Standing 13 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The ninth in our list of best dishwashers is, Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F Dishwasher. If you are looking for an energy-efficient dishwasher for your modern kitchen, then the midea dishwasher is the ideal one for you.

The Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher is designed to efficiently remove masala stains and residues from Indian utensils with ease.

Key Features:

·      13 Place Setting

·      Suited for Medium-Sized Households for 3 to 4 Members

·      Features a Removable Rack

·      7 Wash Programs

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

·      Child Lock for Safety

·      Self-Maintenance Mode

·      Power-off Memory Function

The Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher is designed for Indian Kitchens. It helps to clean masala residues from patilas, kadhais and more. With temperature of 70ºC, it can sterilize your utensils and keep them from Bacteria.

The Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher comes with a silver body that boasts a metallic lustre, which gives your modern kitchen stunning looks. It is also equipped with dual-LED display to control the dishwasher with ease.

The Flexible Rack System helps to adjust the height of the upper basket so that you can keep your large and tall utensils for cleaning.

There is no need of restarting the wash cycle in Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher. This is because the midea dishwasher comes with power-off memory function which allows the cycle to continue automatically once the power comes back from the cycle where it was stopped due to power interruption.

The off-peak wash feature of midea torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher allows you to preset your wash cycle with the help of delayed timer in order to clean your dishes automatically. Another cool feature of Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher is that easy maintenance. This means it comes with self-cleaning mode that the dishwasher cleans itself at high temperature for up to 50 Minutes.

The ECO Wash Cycle 90 minute’s, glass and intensive which features extra drying so that you can get clean dried-up utensils. The half load allows you to clean minimal utensils when you have less utensils.

The Water Leak Protection System of midea torrino WQP12-5201F dishwasher allows it to detect any of the water leakage through self-regulation and cut-it off to protect your kitchen from water damage. Thanks to its Overfloat Switch and Aqua Stop features.

10. Bosch SMS66GW01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The tenth in our list of best dishwashers is, Bosch SMS66GW01I Dishwasher. The next in our list is Bosch SMS66GW01I dishwasher which is also one of the best bosch dishwasher that you can buy.

The bosch dishwashers are the one which are developed specifically for Indian utensils. The intensive kadhai programme cleans oil and masala stained kadhais, patilas, cookers and other indian utensils efficiently.

Key Features:

·      12 Place Setting

·      Perfect and Suitable for up to 6 Members

·      Perfect for Indian Utensils

·      6 Wash Programs

·      Water Consumption: 9 L

·      Energy Consumption: 1.45 KW Hours

·      Hygienic Wash, Kills up to 99.99% Gems & Bacteria

·      Saves Water: 10 Liter

·      Small Loads – Half Load for Less Utensils

This bosch SMS66GW01I dishwasher comes with 6 Wash Programs. These are,

1.    Intensive Kadhai,

2.   Express Sparkle,

3.   Half Load,

4.   Extra Dry,

5.   Special Program, and

6.   Eco Silence Drive

The bosch SMS66GW01I dishwasher offers gem-free, clean and dry utensils with ease for Hygienic Wash. This is achieved by heating the water up to 70ºC which able to kill 99.9% of gems and bacteria.

Only 9.5 liters of water is consumed for cleaning your dishes which is completely less compared to that of manual washing which consumes 60 liters of water. The Express Sparkle Program helps to save time as it cleans utensils just under 60 minutes.

11. Bosch SMS24AW00I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The eleventh in our list of best dishwashers is, Bosch SMS24AW00I Dishwasher. Yet another model from bosch is the bosch SMS24AW00I dishwasher, which is also a German Engineered Fully Automatic Dishwasher comes with 4 wash programs and 1 special option of half load wash.

This dishwasher also cleans utensils at 65ºC and ensures Hygienic Wash of all of your utensils.

Key Features:

·      12 Place Setting

·      4 Wash Programs

·      Suitable for 6 Members

·      Water Consumption: 14 L

·      Energy Consumption: 1.02 KWh

·      Hygienic Wash at 65ºC

·      Load Sensor and Detergent Automation

·      Eco Silence Drive

·      Glass Protection Technology

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

Bosch SMS24AW00I dishwasher comes with an Adjustable Racks for cleaning of your big, large and tall utensils with ease such as kadhai, cooker, pots, and pans, etc.

The Load Sensor of bosch SMS24AW00I dishwasher helps to save water and energy automatically for fewer dishes. The Rotary Speed Sensor detects the size of the load and then depending upon load it automatically uses only the amount of water to give you a perfect wash.

The AquaStop Feature of bosch SMS24AW00I dishwasher is the one that helps to prevent the damage against water. This ensures that the water leakage doesn’t damage any part of the dishwasher by detecting the leakage and stopping the water flow. The quality of the bosch SMS24AW00I dishwasher is pretty good and assures you of 10 years of Rust-Free Interior.

The EcoSilence Drive Feature makes it quite and less noisy. This is powerful and durable too. This means it ensures on lower power consumption and high cleaning efficiency.

12. Voltas Beko Best Dishwasher – DF14W

The twelfth in our list of best dishwashers is, Voltas Beko DF14W Dishwasher.

If you are looking for another voltas dishwasher then this is the one you can buy. The voltas beko DF14W dishwasher is also one of the full-size silver dishwashers with the advance features of Voltas Dishwashers.

Key Features:

·      14 Place Setting

·      6 Wash Programs

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

·      5 Years Warranty on Motor

·      Fast Plus Feature

·      Pro Smart Inverter Motor Quick and Shine

·      Water Consumption: 11.5 L

The voltas is owned by TATA Group and is one of the TATA products.

The Voltas Beko DF14W dishwasher comes with a Fan Drying System which ensures efficient drying of your dishes. The AquaSafe+ feature of voltas beko DF14W dishwasher protects against water leaks that may occur at the hose inlet and ensures water flow across your kitchen and protects the interiors of dishwasher too.

The voltas beko DF14W dishwasher is also equipped with a Water Softening System that softens the water and reduces the hardness of incoming water. The Upper Basket can be adjusted in order to create more space for placement of your tall and big utensils for proper washing.

13. Faber 12 Place Setting Best Dishwasher – FFSD 6PR 12S Inox Finish

The thirteenth in our list of best dishwashers is, Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo Dishwasher. The Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo Dishwasher is yet another dishwasher that you can buy for your modern kitchen as it perfectly fits with its inox finish.

The Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo dishwasher comes with 6 Washing Programs such as,

1.    Intensive,

2.   Self-Clean,

3.   Eco,

4.   90 Min,

5.   Glass, and

6.   Rapid

Key Features:

·      12 Place Setting

·      6 Wash Programs

·      Suitable for Families up to 6 Members

·      Water Consumption: 10 to 17 L depending upon the type of program running

·      Energy Consumption: 1 to 1.6 KW/hr

·      Noise Level: 49 dB

·      Height Adjustable Upper Rack

·      Foldable Racks

·      Salt and Rinse Aid Indicators

·      Electronic Aqua Stop

·      Energy Efficient with A++/A/A Rating

·      2 Years Warranty on Product

·      5 Years Warranty on Rust Interior

The Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo dishwasher houses One Place Setting which consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork. The Half Load Feature allows you to start the cleansing process even if the dish load is not complete which ensures quick cleaning of your dishes.

The Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo Dishwasher ensures of Hygienic Cleaning by heating the water at 69ºC and removes the tough satins, dirt, bacteria and gems with ease. With the Delay Start Feature you can now instruct the dishwasher to start operations late and this dishwasher is perfect for energy savings.

14. Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The fourteenth in our list of best dishwashers is, Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Dishwasher. The Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Dishwasher comes with 8 Washing Programs, i.e.,

1.    Intensive,

2.   Normal,

3.   Eco,

4.   90 Minute,

5.   Glass,

6.   Rapid,

7.   Soak (Pre-Wash), and

8.   Auto Wash

If you love faber dishwashers, then this could be the one which you should go for, as it comes with many features and modern technologies which is perfect for your modern kitchen.

Key Features:

·      14 Place Setting

·      8 Wash Programs

·      Washing Noise Level: 65 dB

·      Spinning Noise Level: 35 dB

·      Water Consumption: 10 to 17 L depending upon the Set Program

·      Energy Consumption: 1 to 1.6 KWh

·      Multi-Function 3 Layer Cutlery Basket

·      Child Safety Lock

·      Functions: Power Wash, Extra Drying and Express Wash

The 3D Technology of faber FFSD 8PR 14S dishwasher ensures that the masala, oil and any black stains are removed off without any hassles. The 3D Wash Technology takes care of everything.

This dishwasher also comes with 3 Spray Arms for efficient cleaning which covers all corners of dishwasher for proper washing and saving up to 15% of time. The Intensive Kadhai Mode for heavy soiled utensils for deep cleaning that removes tough stains easily.

The faber FFSD 8PR 14S dishwasher offers A+++ Energy Savings with less water consumption and reduces electricity consumption. The auto wash feature automatically detects the amount of water required for cleaning.

The Child Lock Feature keeps your children safe and delay start allows you to start the dishwasher operations late. The other feature Dual Zone Wash allows you to wash on targeted cleaning. And Extra Drying Feature makes your utensils dried up completely before you take them out of the dishwasher.

15. Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 Built-in 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

The fifteenth in our list of best dishwashers is, Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 Dishwasher. The last in our list of best dishwashers is Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwashers. It is one of the built-in dishwashers from Kaff.

This Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwasher offers high performance and professionally inspired aesthetics suitable for the stylish modern kitchen.

Key Features:

·      12 Standard Place Setting

·      Built-in Dishwasher

·      8 Functions

·      7 Wash Programs

·      Easy Push Controls

·      Lower Rack and Adjustable Upper Rack

·      3 Stage Filtration System

·      A++ Energy Efficient

·      Water Softener with Salt Indicator

The Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwasher comes with a fully integrated built-in dishwasher which houses stainless steel interior. The design of Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwashers, is made with easy push control with digital display for easy accessibility.

The Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwasher comes with 7 Wash Programs viz.,

1.    Intensive Wash,

2.   Normal Wash,

3.   Eco or Half Load Wash,

4.   90 Minute Wash,

5.   Glass Utensils Wash,

6.   Rapid Wash, and

7.   Soak

This also houses an Automatic Detergent Dispenser and memory function which ensures proper thorough cleaning of your utensils. The Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 dishwasher comes with Child Lock and warning indicator features for safety purposes.

Dishwasher Buying Guide 2021

Dishwasher Basics

Let us go through and understand the basics of dishwashers.

What Is A Dishwasher?

dishwasher is a machine which is used for cleaning dishware and cutlery automatically. A dishwasher is an automatic machine which is used for cleaning household utensils (such as kadhais, pots, pans, dishware, cutlery and so on) automatically.

Manual washing is the one which requires physical scrubbing to remove soiling, masala stains and oil.


The dishwasher is the machine which involves the cleaning of the dishes by means of spraying hot water, typically between 45ºC to 75ºC on the dishes from various angles and dry them out once completed.


Why A Dishwasher?

dishwasher is the one which is going to be a stress buster for you and stain buster for your dishes. All you have to do is, load the utensils and press the button. The dishwasher will provide you the Well Cleaned Hygiene Dishes with the help of high-pressure hot water, which is far more efficient and effective than the manual wash.


Are These Dishwashers Fit for Indian Household?

No matter which type of utensils you have, the dishwasher takes care of all of them with its dish cleaning. From kadhai to katori, plates to bowls, forks to spoons, glass utensils to pots and pans, whatever it could be, the dishwasher accommodates all of them.

The dishwasher takes care of all of them which handles them with care. These dishwashers remove the toughest of oil stains and masala stains with ease. They are not only perfect for your modern kitchen; they are also water efficient and energy efficient.


Advantages of Dishwasher Over Manual Washing?

·      Ensures Zero Breakage

·      No more Unclean Edges

·      No Hygiene Issues

·      No more Pale and Stinky Hands

·      No more Fighting Cold-Water during Winters

·      No more Waiting for help. It works anytime and any day


Dishwasher Buying Guide [Definitive Dishwasher Complete Buying Guide]

Let us go through all of the various factors that you need to consider while choosing the right kind of dishwasher for an Indian household or any other modern kitchens.

1. Size of The Family

The size of the family becomes one of the important factors of dishwasher buying guide for your modern kitchen appliances. Since, the dishwashers comes in different capacities such as 8, 12, 13, 14 and 16 place settings choosing the right one for your family matters a lot depending on your size of family. This means the tub configurations will be of 8, 12, 13, 14 and 16 Kg capacities.

The standard one is 12 place setting which can be suitable and perfect for families with 3 to 4 members, which can accommodate 12 quantities of each of dinner plates, quarter glasses, bowls, saucers and dessert plates. Additionally, apart from this it can also accommodate spoons and forks too. The 12-place setting can accommodate kadhais, katoris, pots and pans too.

If your family size is more than 4 members then you should go for 14 or 16 place setting which offers larger capacity and can house more utensils too. Typically, a 12-place setting dishwasher can clean up to 115 to 120 utensils with ease. So, bigger family means 14 or 16 place setting dishwashers and smaller family means 8 to 12 place setting.

Capacity of Dishwashers 

8 place setting, 12 place setting, 13 place setting, 14 place setting and 16 place setting. (8 Kg, 12 Kg, 13 Kg, 14 Kg and 16 Kg). You can able to make perfect choices based on the below table in buying the best dishwasher for your kitchen and depending upon the family size:

Family Size




8 Place Setting



12 Place Setting

Compact or Standard


16 Place Setting



16 Place Setting



2. Types of Dishwashers

The dishwashers come with 4 types of dishwashers to choose from. Depending on your kitchen, requirements, looks and modernity, you can choose the one that best suits for you.

1.    Countertop Dishwashers

2.   Built-in Under the Counter Dishwashers

3.   Portable-Free Standing Dishwashers

4.   Dish Drawers

Let us go through and understand all types of dishwashers.

(a) Countertop Dishwasher

The countertop dishwasher is one of the modern dishwashers which can be placed on the counter near the sink. Once you hook-it up to the faucet, you can start using it in the normal mode. This dishwasher is almost similar to the portable dishwasher, the only difference is that it fits on the counter near the sink.

Or in other words, the countertop dishwasher can be integrated underneath the kitchen countertop as a modular unit with other kitchen appliances.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Countertop:


1. Highly Economical

2. Best suited for Small Families

3. Hassle Free Operations

4. Space Saving

5. Perfect for Daily Dish Washing

6. Less Pricy Compared with other type of Dishwashers



1. Internal Space of Dishwasher is very less

2. Takes up valuable space on the Counter

3. Chances of Poor-Quality Wash

4. Chances of Poor Drying


(b) Built-in Under the Counter Dishwasher

The built-in under the counter dishwasher is one of the most common type of dishwasher where-in you can install the dishwasher directly under the kitchen counter. This type of installation is going to be one-time permanent fitting that provides the convenient setting.

If you have your own house and want to modernize your kitchen, then it’s going to be the best and convenient appliance for your kitchen.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Built-in Dishwashers:


1. Ease of usability

2. Less Noisy

3. Multiple Colors to choose from

4. Moderately Pocket Friendly

5. Dedicated Plumbing Option

6. Can be integrated with Kitchen Cabinetry

7. Adequate Place Settings

8. Specialized Cycles



1. Consumes more Space

2. Requires Plumbing and Electrical Works

3. Needs Permanent Space

4. Heavy Body Design


(c) Portable-Free Standing Dishwashers

The portable fee-standing dishwashers are the best suited for the families who live in rented houses and more often moves to different places. It’s also best suited for the ones who does business in the hotels or food industry as they need to move the Kitchen Appliances from place to place.

Once you brought this, all you have to do is just attach and hook-it up to the faucet in the kitchen near sink. It fits perfectly. The portable dishwasher can be carried wherever you want as per your needs and which can also serve as a counter-top workspace when not in use.


(d) Dish Drawers

If you have a smaller family with 2 to 3 members max, then this type of dishwasher could be the best one. These are the types of dishwashers where-in you can get drawers for placing your utensils.

Single Drawer is more than enough for a Family of 2 to 3 Members. If you need more Space you can go for Dishwasher with 2 or more Drawers.


3. The Hardware and Functioning of Dishwasher

Before you buy any dishwasher, it becomes very important to understand what is the hardware and material of dishwasher. In addition to it, it becomes more important to understand the how does a dishwasher function?

How Does A Dishwasher work? Functioning of Dishwasher:

A dishwasher works basically as mentioned below:

·      Adds water

·      Heats the water to the appropriate temperature (from 40ºC to 75ºC)

·      Automatically opens up the detergent dispenser at the right time

·      Sprays the water from spray arms across the area to clean the dishes

·      Drains out the dirty water

·      Sprays more water on the dishes to rinse them

·      Or generates hot steam to clean the dishes thoroughly

·      Drains again the dirty water

·      If selected dry, then dries out the dishes

Material of Dishwasher:

In addition to the working of dishwasher, it is also very important to understand what is the material of dishwasher? The dishwashers are basically made of stainless steel and plastic materials, where stainless steel takes the major portion of the design which is rust-free.

Few of the dishwashers out there in the market also made of plastics which we don’t recommend you to buy as they won’t last long. The stainless-steel dishwashers are the most preferred, as they are more durable and sustainable for longer period of time.

The reason why stainless steel is important because the steel has capability of resisting stains and keeps the odor out of the dishwasher. Also, the heat transfer takes place easily and evenly across the tub of the dishwasher.

The racks of the dishwashers are also made of steel and they are nylon coated for preventing them scratching on to your dishes and avoid breakage.


4. Wash Cycles

The modern dishwashers come with many types of wash cycles. Various brands have their own kind of wash cycles depending upon the design and features that they offer. Wash cycle also becomes one of other factors in choosing a dish washer. The more the wash cycle options, the best it the dishwasher.

Do remember that these wash cycles features and options may vary from brand to brand. A standard dishwasher will offer at least a minimum of 3 wash cycles, viz., light, normal and heavy (or pots and pans). All cycles will be different in speed, water temperature and pressure.

Let us go through few of the wash cycles that you should look for in a dishwasher before you buy one.

Types of Wash Cycles:

(a) Normal Wash

Normal wash cycle is the one that is used for everyday dishes. A normal wash cycle is one of the standard wash cycle that whisks away the food particles from moderately soiled dishes.

(b) Light Wash

Light wash cycle is the one which is used for lightly soiled, pre-rinsed dishes. The light wash cycle is the one which is one less pre-rinse cycle which is deployed to save water and time.

(c) Heavy Wash

Heavy wash cycle is the one that is very much helpful and used for extra-dirty dishes. The heavy wash cycle is the one where-in a vigorous spray blasts away grime on dishes that haven’t been pre-rinsed.

(d) Quick Wash / Express Wash

Quick wash is the one that allows you to wash the utensils in quick time just under 60 minutes when you are in hurry.

(e) Delayed Wash

Delayed wash is the one that allows you set the timing of wash from 1 hour to 24 hours for the cycle to begin. This is best for scheduling the wash cycle as and when you require.

(f) Rinse Only Wash

Rinse only wash cycle is the one which can be used when you just want to rinse out your utensils with water. This can also be used when you want to double-check on the leftovers so that you can wash away the leftovers thoroughly.

(g) Rinse and Hold Wash

Rinse and hold cycle are the one where-in the wash cycle enables the rinsing of utensils and removes the odor without any use of detergent while it is still waiting for the full load.

(h) Sanitize Wash

Sanitize is one of the important wash cycles of all where-in the water is heated to the higher temperatures (40ºC to 75ºC) which helps to kill 99.99% of gems and bacteria. This wash cycle is also called as the hygiene wash cycle.

(i) Auto Clean Wash

Auto clean wash cycle is the one that contains an electronic sensor that automatically adjusts the wash cycle depending upon how dirty the dishes are.

(j) Crystal Wash / China Wash

Crystal wash cycle is the one which is a light wash and rinse cycle which is not-too-hot drying cycle that won’t chip or crack your delicate utensils.

(k) Half Load Wash

Half load wash cycle is the one that allows the utensils to wash one rack at a time with less utensils in it. The half load cycle is very useful when there are very less utensils.

(l) Power Wash

Power wash is another type of wash cycle that uses a concentrated jet of hot water to clean off the heavy stains or caked-on foods.

(m) Power Plate Wash

Plate warmer wash is one of the wash cycles that will warm your dishes to a perfect temperature right before you serve your food, once your dishes are cleaned off.

(n) Pots and Pans Wash

Pots and pans wash is also one of the useful washes that is used for pots, pans and even extra-dirty load. The pots and pans wash works by blasting off extra water away through, baked-on grime.

(o) Top Rack Wash

The top rack wash is the one which is used only for glasses or anything kept on top rack. The top rack wash is achieved by spraying a focused water jet on top of rack so you don’t have to wait for it for a full load.


5. Smart Sensors

As the technology is moving day by day, the dishwashers have also become smarter. Many of the dishwashers now a days comes with smart sensors which makes them not only effective dishwashers also the efficient dishwashers.

These sensors are installed in the dishwashers to give them smart features and ensure perfect clean hygiene wash. Here are few of the sensors in dishwashers that offer smart features:

(a) Soil Level Sensor:

The soil level sensors are the ones which are capable of sensing the dirt, and then which allows them to adjust wash cycles accordingly as and when required.

(b) Water Sensor:

The water sensors are the one which are capable of determining the optimum level of water so that you could have better wash.

(c) Temperature Sensor:

The temperature sensors are the most important ones as they are very much important for maintaining appropriate temperatures across the dishwashers.

(d) Detergent Sensor:

The detergent sensors are the one which is capable of dispensing the right quantity of detergent depending of the load in the dishwasher.

(e) Auto Drain Sensor:

The auto drain sensor is the one which is used to detect the water level when its high and prevents it from overflowing.


6. Smart Features

As we saw with the smart sensors, the dishwasher also comes with many smart features with latest technologies. Smart features in dish washers allows the dishwashers to be more efficient and effective.


#1. Types of Spray Action

The spray actions offered with dishwashers will be different when compared to brand to brand. There could be 2 spray arms, 3 spray arms, 4 spray arms or 5 spray arms.

(a) Lower Spray Arm:

The lower spray arm is the main spray arm in any dishwasher. The lower wash spray arm is located at the bottom of the tub which rotates under the lower rack and sprays water upward into the lower and upper racks.

(b) Power Tower:

This is a tubular shaped power tower which is attached to the center of the main wash arm. This spray was earlier present on older models of dishwashers. The power tower telescope upward above the dishes in the lower rack due to the water pressure. 

(c) Middle Spray Arm:

This middle spray arm is located just under the upper rack which has jets facing downwards. Once the spray arm rotates, the water sprays over the lower dishes.

(d) Upper Spray Arm or Spray Nozzle:

This is a power shower spray arm which sprays water at the top of dishwasher. This action takes place at the top of dishwasher, above the upper rack. This spray arm or nozzle helps the water to direct downwards onto items which are in the upper rack.


#2. Washing Levels

The dishwashers come with different washing levels through which they can able to distribute the water through water jests during a cycle. Do remember that there could be different-different washing levels with different-different Brands. Each could offer their own Type of Dishwasher Washing Levels.

(a) 2-Level Wash:

·      Lower spray arm – sprays items in lower rack

·      Power tower – sprays items in the upper rack

(b) 3-Level Wash:

·      Lower spray arm – sprays items in lower rack

·      Power tower – sprays items in upper rack

·      Upper spray arm – sprays items in upper rack

(c) 4-Level Wash:

·      Lower spray arm – sprays items in lower rack

·      Upper spray arm – sprays items in upper rack

·      Middle spray arm – sprays items in lower rack and sprays items in upper rack (2 levels with one spray arm)

(d) 5-Level Wash (Power Scrub):

·      Lower wash arm

·      Power Tower

·      Upper Wash Arm

(e) 6-Level Wash (Extra Clean):

·      Lower Wash Arm

·      Middle Wash Arm

·      Upper Wash Arm


#3. Auto Restart

This is one of the must have feature of dishwasher, if you don’t have an inverter within your home. This auto start feature helps to continue the last cycle from where it has stopped earlier immediately due to power interruptions once after the power comes back.


#4. Food Disposal and Filters

These are the filters which helps to remove the solid food particles. These are self-cleaning filters which automatically cleans themselves and doesn’t need manual maintenance as compared to manual filters.

However, it is always good practice to remove the solid food particles before placing any of the utensils into the dishwasher.

This increases the longevity of the dishwasher, and prevents any clogging of the dishwasher.


#5. Safety Features

Most of the dishwashers comes with safety feature so called Child Lock. This means it keeps you and your children away from any kind of hazards or accidents even if it is touched upon accidentally. The dishwashers are also well insulated from inside and outside too to prevent any accidents.

In few of the dishwashers, there is another feature called Aqua Stop which ensures that if there are any leakages in the machine, prevents accidents by automatically stopping the overflow of water as well as the machine.


#6. Hard Water Compatibility

You should always remember this point when purchasing any dishwasher. This is because, the dishwasher takes care of hard water with in-built hard water softening dispenser. The dispenser pumps in the required amount of salt to soften the water.

The dispenser chamber also prevents in any of the scaling in the dishwasher and excessive use of detergents too.


#7. Design Features / Outside Body Features

You will get lots of dishwashers which are modern now a days. This means many dishwashers have a hidden control panel from which you can control the dishwasher. These also comes with amazing finishes which are perfect for any modern kitchen.

Few of the design features of best dishwasher options such as:

·      Buzzer which indicates the completion of wash cycle

·      Indicator that indicates the abrupt stoppage of water supply

·      Indicators and auto prevention of overflow of water

·      Smart feature of connectivity and communication with your smartphones such as smart ThinQ from LG

·      Salt refill indicator for salt top up

·      Dry tap indicator for to know water is coming inside tap or not


#8. Drying Mechanisms

Not only the washing cycles that cleans the utensils that matter the most. But also, there is drying of dishwashers that can also matter the most. The drying of utensils is what that ensures that the utensils are dried up in no time which doesn’t require you to manually dry the utensils.

Drying mechanisms could be different from model to model and brand to brand. Here we have listed down few of the drying options that the dishwashers can offer:

(a) Heat: This is one of the most commonly available drying mechanisms, where-in the top steel plate exhales heated air with 170ºC to evaporate the moisture.

(b) Fan: This is the most preferred type of drying option that the people opt to choose for. However, this consumes lot of time to complete the process.

(c) Condensation: This is the most efficient, hygiene and advance drying mechanisms. But, its only available with dishwashers with steel interiors.

(d) Steam: This is another type of drying where-in the utensils are dried out by generating hot steam.


#9. Control Panel of Dishwasher

The dishwashers are available in 2 type of control panel.

·      Button Operated Panel Type

·      Touch Panel Type

The most preferred ones are the touch panel type as they are best for modern kitchens. However, the touch panel types are much expensive compared to button type panels.

If you have little budget, then button panel type dishwashers are the one you should go for. If you have high budget in hand, then you should definitely look for touch panel type dishwashers. Moreover, the touch panel types also offer modern features and smart connectivity features too to interact with.


#10. Dishwasher Noise Level

The dishwashers will be bit noisy. However, if you want a dishwasher which should be less noisy then you should definitely look at the dishwasher manual.

Many dishwashers in the market are of more noise. Hence, with this dishwasher buying guide we hope we have definitely helped you out for finding the best dishwasher for your kitchen. However, the dishwashers which are less noisy could cost you more.

Here is the small table that shows the comparison of noise level of dishwasher for the price level:


Noise Level


< 40 dB


Up to 40 dB


Up to 50 dB


> 50 dB


#11. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a dishwasher is set according to the BEE-Rating. BEE is stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which leads the power usage and power control at home / commercial places, which has set rules and standards which the manufacturers shall follow.

The dishwasher energy ratings go from A+++ to D or A to G. Where-in A+++ (A) being the most and Very Efficient and the D (G) being the Least and Worst Efficient. Most of the dishwashers now a days are more efficient with A++ or A+++ Ratings.

Always remember that, to achieve the lowest energy and water consumption per load, the dishwasher machine should be on full load. The main components that affect the dishwasher machine efficiency is the inverter motor. Make sure that, you look for a dishwasher with brushless motor. They are the most efficient and quieter than the other types of motor.


#12. Budget / Price of Dishwasher / Cost of Dishwasher

The dishwashers are available in various price ranges. The dishwashers could be in lower price end, mid-price end, high price end and top price end. Basically, the price range of dishwashers could vary from somewhere between Rs.20,000/- to Rs.60,000/-.

Below table is the representation of price ranges of dishwasher:


Price Range

Lower End

Rs.20,000/- to Rs.30,000/-

Mid End

Rs.30,000/- to Rs.40,000/-

High End

Rs.40,000/- to Rs.50,000/-

Top End

> Rs.50,000/-


#13. Brand and Warranty

This is yet another factor that you should always look for while buying any dishwasher. The Brand is the one that shows how much the brand has experience in dishwashers’ field and how much reputation that it has got in the market.

A dishwasher of higher brand value means it has more trust and credibility. The popular brands are the one which sold fast and have higher sales.

Another factor to look for is the Warranty that the dishwasher is offering. Typically, the dishwashers offer product warranty somewhere from 1 years to 5 years, where 2 years is most common. Some brands offer 2 years on product warranty and an additional 3 years on motor warranty or even 5 years of motor warranty too.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this because, we at “Modern Kitchen Ideas” have covered Warranty of all the dishwashers. Also, in addition to this you can also check for rust-free interior warranty too. Few of the dishwashers listed above offer up to 10 Years of rust-free warranty.


Best Dishwasher Brands 2021

There are plenty of dishwasher brands out there over the internet that you can buy. Here is the list of best dishwasher brands that you can choose:

1.    Voltas Beko

2.   Faber

3.   IFB

4.   Hafele

5.   Bosch

6.   LG

7.   Midea Torrino

8.   Kaff

9.   Amana

10.    Dacor

11.      Electrolux and Frigidaire

12.    GE

13.    Ikea

14.    Kenmore

15.    KitchenAid

16.    Maytag

17.     Miele

18.    Samsung

19.    Thermador

20.  Viking

21.    Whirlpool

22.  Siemens

23.  BPL


List of Best Dishwashers In India 2021

1.    Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Best Dishwasher – DT8S

2.   Faber 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher – FFSD 8PR 14S

3.   IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Best Dishwasher – 12 Place Settings

4.   Hafele Aqua 12S, 12 Place Settings Stainless Steel Freestanding Best Dishwasher

5.   Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

6.   LG DFB424FP Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

7.   LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

8.   IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

9.   Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F Free Standing 13 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

10.    Bosch SMS66GW01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

11.      Bosch SMS24AW00I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

12.    Voltas Beko Best Dishwasher – DF14W

13.    Faber 12 Place Setting Best Dishwasher – FFSD 6PR 12S Inox Finish

14.    Faber FFSD 8PR 14S Free Standing 14 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

15.    Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 Built-in 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher


How to Maintain Your Dishwasher? – 9 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

You brought a dishwasher? But what if you won’t maintain the dishwasher well? Obviously, the dishwasher going to go for repair soon. Maintaining the dishwashers isn’t going to cost you much. But if you won’t take care of it, then it definitely going to cost you more.

You don’t want this to happen right?

Well, we have covered few of the tips and suggestions that you can follow to maintain your dishwasher:


1. Ensure Proper Wiring for your Dishwasher

As the dishwashers works all day long and uses 10 to 11 liters of water every day, a small mistake in wiring could cost you a lot or in worst conditions it could lead to major hazards or major accidents, which you don’t want to happen.

The solution for this should be to have proper wiring and directly plug the cord into the socket rather than using any extension cords. Also, make sure that the socket plugged-in is capable of taking enough load to avoid any electric hazards.

Make sure that you keep the wirings away from water contact as much as possible. You must also have to ensure that you have earthing for the socket or place in an extra inverter if possible.


2. Gasket Check on Time to Time

A crack in the gasket can lead to water leakages which can reduce the performance of any dishwasher. But luckily many dishwashers come with aqua stop feature that detects water leakage and stops itself.

However, if it’s not there then there could be a problem. So, we suggest you to always keep checking the gasket and if found you can easily replace the gasket immediately to gain more efficiency of your dishwasher.


3. Always Check for Clogs

What could be worse than clogging in your dishwasher that makes your dishwasher to stop working? Intensive usage of your dishwasher and lazy usage of dishwasher can lead to clogging due to the accumulation of food particles which is unnatural.

These clogs created inside the dishwasher can block the spray arms, block the filters and the outlet pipe which can cause you a lot of headache on a later stage. At any time if you see that your dishwasher is making weird noises or flooding then you must check for clogs. Once you detect them, immediately unclog the surfaces to avoid any hazards.


4. Regular Filter Cleaning

Cleaning of filter of your dishwasher is always a good practice. Due to continuous usage of your dishwasher, the large food particles may get stuck into the filter that blocks the filter, which may lead to improper cleaning of water Inlet or uncleanliness of dishes. So, have a knack of cleaning your dishwasher filter on a regular basis.


5. No Compromise on Detergents – Choose right one

Detergents are the most important aspects of any dishwasher. Most of the dishwashers you see in market can be good or bad too. The dishwashers are specifically formulated and made for to suit for a particular dishwasher. Using wrong ones, can damage the dishwasher and may reduce the life of dishwasher.

Always, avoid using gels, hand-wash detergents or any cheap detergents which are not at all recommended. On a longer run, these may get accumulated and get stuck into the interior of dishwasher and can damage them reducing the performance.


6. Use of Vinegar to Remove Buildup

The white vinegar is treated as one of the best DIY cleaning agents for household maintenance. You can easily use Vinegar for cleaning out the dishwasher to remove the stuck food particles or the residual detergent left behind.

You can do this by placing a dishwasher safe container at the top or bottom rack and then pour in a cup of vinegar into it. Then run the machine on a hot water cycle. That’s it. The vinegar breaks down the residue which has got stuck inside the dishwasher.


7. Load your Utensils Properly

Before you start using your dishwasher, make sure that you read out the owner’s manual, carefully. Proper placing of dishes into the dishwasher plays a vital role in performance of your dishwasher.

If the utensils are too dirty and greasy or oily it’s better to remove them off before loading on to the dishwasher. Never overload the dishwasher which can cause damages which you may not see with your naked eyes.


8. Make Sure that you Get Rid of Mildew

To get rid of mildew problems you can use bleach into the dishwasher unless and until you have a stainless-steel door or interior. Bleach will give you the finishing touch ups for a spotless dishwasher which will provide you with completely sanitized dishes every time.


9. Clean the Edges of Exterior

Ensuring cleaning from Inside is not enough. You should also ensure the cleanliness of edges of exterior too. Sometimes you may find weird smells coming out of your dishwasher. This could be actually coming from the outside area of the dishwasher.

Many times, the spills and debris of food may get stuck on outside area which may cause smelling of your dishwasher if not taken care. To solve this, you can take a damp cloth and just wipe out the buttons, control panel, exteriors, racks, under the door-on the inside, the flatware basket, gasket and the detergent dispenser.


How to Save Energy From Your Dishwasher Usage?

You have brought the dishwasher. But, worrying on your electric bills? Thinking of energy savings? And want to cut down electricity bill? If so, then we have listed down few of the tips for you on to how to save your dishwasher energy?

10 Tips to Save Energy while using Dishwasher:

1.    First things first, before you buy any dishwasher you should make sure that how much the water consumption for a single load. Meaning, the machine that consumes has lesser energy consumption too and lesser operational costs too.

2.   Choose a dishwasher that consumes less energy as stated by the dishwasher manual. Less energy consumption, more energy saving.

3.   Buy a dishwasher with at least “A+++ or A++ or A” energy efficiency rating. The greater the rating, the more the energy saving going to be.

4.   Buy a dishwasher according to your family needs. Meaning the dishwasher should be sufficient enough to serve your family. If you buy a dishwasher of larger capacity, later it going to lead for more energy consumption. The perfect the capacity of dishwasher, the more the energy saving could be.

5.   Make sure that you buy a dishwasher with at least 3 wash cycles, viz., Light, Normal and Heavy. If you have heavy soiled utensils, then you could have to run normal wash 2 times to get completely cleaned utensils which consumes more Energy.

6.   Half loaded dishwashers will consume more and twice the energy than that of fully loaded dishwasher. Hence, always run the dishwasher when it’s completely loaded.

7.   Using the rinse option twice could be more ideal and sense when you have half-loaded dishwasher. This will ensure you of not using heavy cycle which consumes more energy.

8.   Avoiding the dry feature of dishwasher on your utensils could be the great option of saving energy as it consumes more power. Rather you can let them get dried up in an open air, which could save you more energy.

9.   Try to lower the heat of your water heater thermostat down to 120ºC as few of the modern dishwashers can sometimes raise the wash cycle water temperature up to 140ºC. This could lead to more energy consumption. Try avoiding so.

10.         If there is an option of air-dry cycle then choose it so that it can use unheated air to dry your dishes. With this you can able to save up to 15 to 50% of your dishes operational costs.


Best Dishwashers In India 2021

This is a list of dishwashers in India on various aspects that you can choose from:

1.    Best Overall Dishwasher: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher – DT8S

2.   Best High-End Dishwasher: LG DFB424FP Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

3.   Best Budget Dishwasher: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher – DT8S

4.   Best Mid-End Dishwasher: Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

5.   Best Reliable Dishwasher: IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher – 12 Place Settings

6.   Best Countertop Dishwasher: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher – DT8S

7.   Best Built-in Dishwasher: Kaff DW SPECTRA 60 Built-in 12 Place Settings Best Dishwasher

8.   Best Portable Dishwasher: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher – DT8S

9.   Best Smart Dishwasher: LG DFB424FP Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

10.    Best Quietest Dishwasher: LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

11.      Best Compact Dishwasher: Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher – DT8S



Hope this best dishwasher buying guide has helped you out immensely in choosing the best dishwasher in India for your modern kitchen. As we said above the best dishwasher brand depends on many factors. You must make sure that you understand all the requirements before you buy a dishwasher.

We hope the research and analysis we have put together has helped you immensely to find out the best dishwasher for your cleaning your utensils. Depending upon the family size and other factors, you can choose a dishwasher that fits perfect in your kitchen.

When it comes to buying the best dishwasher, we recommend you to go for the following 3 best dishwashers:

1.    Voltas beko dishwasher

2.   LG dishwasher

3.   Bosch dishwasher

4.   IFB dishwasher

5.   Kaff dishwasher

Please let us know your thoughts of today’s post on best dishwasher reviews. Please comment below which one you have brought?

Already brought? Share your thoughts and experiences of your best dishwasher below so that it can also help our audience to make best choices while buying a dishwasher for their kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Which is the Best Dishwasher Brand in India?

For Indian Households, the Voltas, Bosch, IFB and LG are the Best Dishwashers that you can buy in India. These Dishwashers are not only best in terms of Quality also they are Reliable, Durable, Efficient and Modern too.

Does the Dishwasher is Suitable for Indian Kitchen?

Yes. The Dishwashers listed in this Best Dishwasher Buying Guide are perfectly suitable for Indian Kitchen for cleaning any types of utensils such as Kadhai, Katori, Pots, Pans, Bowls, Glasses, Spoons and Forks too.

Does these Dishwashers clean all kinds of Stains?

Yes. The Dishwashers clean all kinds of Stains such as Masala Satin, Oil Stain, Milk and Cream Stains, etc. However, the Burnt Stains should be Hand Washed as they are difficult wash via Dishwashers.

Is the Dishwasher really Helpful?

Yes. If you look at the Time that it consumes to clean the Dishes and the amount of Water and Energy that it saves, it is really helpful of having a Dishwasher in your Kitchen. They are not only Efficient; they are best for Bachelors and Larger Families which offers a Hygienically Washed Utensils.

Which is the Best Dishwasher for India?

Well, according to our research and analysis, For Smaller Families, the Voltas Beko DT8S 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher is the best dishwasher. And for Larger Families, the Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is the best dishwasher in India.

Why You Should Buy a Dishwasher?

You should buy a Dishwasher because it makes the cleaning of your Utensils easier, which automatically cleans of your dirty utensils. This not only saves your Time also saves Water and Energy too.

How Should I Load My Utensils into the Dishwasher?

Loading of Dishwasher depends upon the Interior Design of the Dishwasher. It may even vary from Brand to Brand. Generally, On the Top Rack, load Crockeries such as Plates, Bowls and Glasses. On the Second Rack, load Cutleries such as Spoons, Forks and Knives. On the Third Rack, load Larger Utensils such as Kadhai, Katori, Pots and Pans.

Can You Use the Regular Detergents in Dishwashers?

No. You cannot use any regular or cheap detergents in Dishwashers. You also cannot use Gel or Soap Powder in Dishwashers. You have to use only the preferred Detergents as stated in the Manual as they are specifically formulated for Dishwashers.

How to Clean the Interior of Dishwasher? How to do the Maintenance of Dishwasher?

Use Vinegar as one of the best liquid cleaners for your Dishwasher if the interior is Stainless-Steel. Doing the Maintenance of Dishwasher with Vinegar ensures that your Dishwasher regularly, stays always clean and hygiene all the time. If the Interior is Plastic, then you can add a small amount of Lemon Juice into the Detergent to do the Maintenance of Dishwasher.

Shall I Re-Fill My Detergent Dispenser Cup if it is Half or Not Completely Empty?

No. It's better to scoop of the left out detergent and add a fresh Detergent every time for a New Load. This ensures that you always get Fresh and Squeaky-Clean Dishes every time and avoid any Residue Build Up in the interior of the Dishwasher.

How to Check whether a Utensil is Dishwasher Safe? Is there a Safe Symbol?

A Dishwasher Symbol can be seen very easily as there will be a Safe Symbol of a Bowl or a Glass under a Shower which is located at the back of Utensils.

Can You Wash Wood, Aluminum, Iron or Delicate China Utensils in Dishwasher?

Yes, you can but only if it is mentioned in the Dishwasher Manual. Washing these items could be not so Safe for Machine Wash. Better to wash them Manually. If you want to check the same, then you can place an item into the Dishwasher, and then search for Dishwasher Safe Stamp on the Item. If you find it, then Wash them on a Dishwasher. If not Wash them Manually.

Can You Wash Cast-Iron Pans in Dishwasher?

No. It is not suggested to Wash Cast Iron Pans as there could be chances of Chip off of the Protective Coating of the Dishwasher. This may lead to rusting of Dishwasher interior.

What will Happen if I Overload the Dishwasher?

If you overload the Dishwasher, then the Efficiency of the Dishwasher may not be 100% or in worst-cases there could be chance of Overflow too.

Can I Wash Kadhais and Tawas in Dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash Kadhais and Tawas in Dishwasher.

Can I Wash a Pressure Cooker in Dishwasher?

Yes, you can if it is a Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker. If it’s Aluminum then its not advised to wash in a Dishwasher.