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What Is RO Water System? Know All About RO Water Here [2021] 

If you are one of those who is thinking of buying the best water purifier, then you definitely come across what is ro water purifier? How does the it works? Should you consider buying a ro water purifier or uv water purifier? In simple words, the ro stands for Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Before you buy any water purifier for your kitchen or for you home, you must understand what is ro water system and how does it work. At the end of the water purifier that you have brought must serve your purpose, i.e., provide a healthy and purified water which is mixed with rich minerals.

The today’s world has reached to a situation where-in finding and drinking clean water is must for any human being as the human mankind is finding real difficulty in getting purified water. Thus, drinking clean water is of vital importance to have good health.

Now a days, due to the widespread pollution of water bodies, the water which we get from tap water is no longer a reliable source of water. The worst part of it is that, because of drinking unfiltered tap water, many people have fallen ill and suffered with known-unknown diseases on several occasions which has costed them a lot.

As a result of which having the best water purifier for home becomes a must have kitchen appliance for every household no matter how big or how small is your family size. But in the market, there are plenty of water purifiers that offers different water purification systems, which puts you in a dilemma on which one to buy?

Because of the above said reasons finding the perfect water purifier for home becomes a difficult task for anyone. You may ask why it’s important. Well, choosing the right water purifier is what can make the complete difference in the healthiness of your family.

To make this one easy for you, today in this post we will not only be taking you through what is ro water system but also, we will take you through what is ro vs uv water purifier, so that you can make right choice in buying perfect water purifier for your home.


What is RO Water System? What is Reverse Osmosis?

The RO stands for reverse osmosis. And the RO water system stands for reverse osmosis water system. A kind of water purification system that purifies the water through purification system to give clear pure drinking water with addition of minerals which is more than healthier for drinking.


RO water system is the water purification system, where-in the water molecules are moved through a semi-permeable membrane, as a result of which only the water molecules are allowed to move to the other side of the membrane, leaving behind the impurities, dissolved salts and other foreign particles.

Hence, you can say that the ro purified water is a pure drinking water which is free from impurities, harmful bacteria, dissolved contaminants and other foreign particles. This water is 100% safe for drinking and to keep you always healthy too.

What is UV Water Purifier System?

The UV water purifier system is the one that uses ultraviolet rays or uv rays to kill the harmful bacteria from water. This is where the water becomes free from disinfected from pathogens. The UV water is best for having a good and great health as it kills all of the harmful microbes that are present in the water where in the water is completely healthier to drink without affecting the taste.

RO Water Purifier or UV Water Purifier – Which Is Better?

To keep it simple, both of the RO water purifier system and UV water purifier system does the same job of offering purified water which either removes or kills harmful bacteria from the water making it disinfectant free. This is one factor that you should by either a ro water purifier or the uv water purifier.

However, there are other factors that you should consider before buying any of them. That’s why you must understand the difference between a ro water purifier system and a uv water purifier system. The below are the differences that sets them apart from each other with respect to the filtration systems:

1.   In the UV water purifier system, the UV filters present will kill all the pathogens that are present in the water. But the dead bodies of bacteria will remain in the water itself, which is not good. However, in RO water purifier system, the bacteria are not only killed, but also filters them from the water. That is the reason why a ro water purifier is most preferred one and is hygienic.

2.  RO water purifiers are the best one that removes dissolved salts and other chemicals from the water. But the UV water purifiers aren’t capable of separating dissolved solids that are present in the water. This is another reason that the ro water purifiers best compared to uv water purifiers.

3.  RO water purifiers are also capable of removing and filtering heavy metals and other harmful chemicals that are present in water which can’t be done by UV water purifiers.

4.  RO water purifiers are best and effective for purifying tap water as compared to uv water purifiers.

5.  RO water purifiers are best in cleaning the worst dirty and muddy water as they contain a built-in pre-filtration system that helps to clean the muddy water effectively. However, the uv water systems can’t clean the muddy water effectively.

6.  RO water purifiers are best where-in the water has highest number of sediments and is not the same case among the uv water purifiers.

7.  The UV water purifiers can work perfectly with normal water pressure. However, the RO water purifiers require electricity to boost the water pressure.

8.  UV filters works faster than that of RO filters.

9.  RO water purifiers cost higher than that of UV water purifiers. However, the RO water purifiers offer more features than that of UV water purifiers. That doesn’t mean that, they are not effectively priced. The price that they come with is perfectly and really justifiable.


What Is RO Water Purifier? Difference Between RO, UV and UF Water Purifiers

No matter which water purifier you are going to buy, in today’s world, the must have water purification systems in water purifiers are RO, UV and UF which are considered to be the best cleaning drinking water methods.

Drinking dirty water is very harmful, may not happen all of a sudden but it can happen slowly as the most dangerous contaminants can make you suffer which includes arsenic, lead and other foreign particles that may end your life or may cause deadly diseases. That is the reason why having a trusted water purifier which not only provides you pure drinking water but also ensures your health by removing such harmful bacteria, dissolved solvents and so on.

The best part of water purifiers is that they are available in all kinds of water purification systems including RO, UV, and UF. Not only that you can also go for the combination of all 3 water purification systems in one water purifier along with TDS controller. However, there is a difference between RO, UV and UF water purification technologies and the way they make the water safe for drinking. 


What is RO Water Purifier?

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. The RO water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in the world and is the most preferred water purifier. The way the ro water purifier works is that it applies force along the area of concentrated water. Then the water is allowed to flow through a semi-permeable membrane which offers the Pure RO Water, the best clean drinking water. Hence, the reverse osmosis removes contaminants from unfiltered water, or feed water, when pressure forces it through a semipermeable membrane.

The reverse osmosis process takes care of all harmful bacteria along with eliminating harmful particles including dissolved solids. The reverse osmosis process coverts the hard water into a soft water, which is perfect for consumption.

The ro water purifier already comes enabled with a pre-filter, a sediment filter, a carbon filter and a side stream ro membrane which ensures you that the water coming out of the ro purifier is completely clean and fit for drinking. Not only that, by eliminating harmful elements, it also ensures that the nutrients and natural minerals are retained for a healthy lifestyle.

The reverse osmosis process along with the advanced recovery technology, helps in maximum water retention there by hardly any or minimal wastage of water. Hence, the ro water purifier is one of the perfect and appropriate methods to reduce TDS in water.


What is UV Water Purifier?

UV stands for Ultraviolet. UV water purifier is the one that utilizes UV radiations to kill gems and is one of the most available and most basic forms of water filtration systems available in the market.

In the UV water purification system, the water is made to pass through specifically to say forced through a tube and exposed to radiation. However, the positive side of UV water purification technology is that it is chemical-free and easy to maintain too. However, the downside of this is that it can neither eliminate the TDS nor it can remove the dead bodies of bacteria that are present in water which it manages to kill with the help of radiations.


What is UF Water Purifier?

UF stands for Ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration is a type of membrane which is used for filtration wherein the hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. This technology allows the purifier to retain the suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight, thereby allowing the low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane.

The main difference between a UF and UV technology is that the UF technology works without the need of electricity. The UF technology consists of a hollow membrane that eradicates the suspended solids,
larger particles and molecules allowing them to go through the hollow membrane.

Thus, the water purifier with UF technology can kill and eliminate the bacteria and microorganisms but fails to get rid of the dissolved
solids. And also, the UF water purifier cannot convert the hard water into soft water. This the main reason that it is recommended to buy RO water purifier coupled with UF filtration so that you can have best safe drinking experience. This decision comes handier especially when you don’t know the TDS levels in the water.

Difference Between RO, UV and UF Water Purifiers:

RO Filter, RO Water Purifier

UV Filter, UV Water Purifier

UF Filter, UF Water Purifier

Filters out all kinds of bacteria
and viruses

Kills all kinds of bacteria
and viruses but doesn’t eliminate their dead bodies or them

Filters out all kinds of bacteria
and viruses

Needs electricity for

Needs electricity for

Doesn’t need electricity
for purification

Size of membrane: 0.0001

No membrane

Size of membrane: 0.01

Removes 90% TDS

No TDS removal

No TDS removal

Requires high water
pressure and uses an additional pump

Works with normal tap water

Works with normal tap water

Removes dissolved salts,
heavy metals or harmful elements and harmful metals

Cannot remove dissolved
salts and harmful metals

Cannot remove dissolved
salts and harmful metals

Filters out all the
suspended and visible impurities

Doesn’t filter out
suspended and visible impurities

Filters out all the
suspended and visible impurities


What Is RO Water Used For?

The RO water is mostly used for the drinking purpose. That is the reason why reverse osmosis is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from seawater, removing the salt and other effluent materials from the water molecules.

The RO water usage can be seen in almost of all household, hotels, restaurants, industries, companies, apartments, malls and so on, wherever there is livelihood. Apart from this, the waste water generated during
ro water purification is used for other purposes such as watering plants, washing dishes, etc., because it is not under pressure.

Hence, like said earlier, the reverse osmosis water can be used in day-to-day activities as it benefits most of the activities including agriculture, hotels, construction, shopping malls, coffee shops, manufacturing industries, breweries, car washes, aquariums and so on.


What Is RO Water PH?

In short, the ro water PH is 7 which is perfect for drinking. When you think of RO water there are plenty of questions that comes into your mind including why ro water is acidic? or is the ro water alkaline?

Well, to be precise, No. Any reverse osmosis water with a PH value of 7 is almost a pure water. Hence, the reverse osmosis is a filtration method or a purification system that removes more than 99% of all the contaminants in water including dissolved solvents.

Anything of neutral PH value of 7 is nearly a pure water. However, when exposed to air, the RO water drops down to a PH of 5 to 5.5 which is acidic water. The ro water becomes alkaline when the PH value is greater than 7 and this can only be achieved by the addition of calcium and other minerals to ro water. The ro water PH 10 is considered to be alkaline water. The best example you can give is lemon which has a PH value of 10.


Best RO Water Purifiers [2021]

When it comes to buying the best water purifier, the RO water purifier is the best water purifier. You can also go for the RO water purifier which is coupled with UF or UV or TDS controller. However, we have listed few of the best ro water purifiers you can go for. If you want to know more about the best water purifiers, you can read from here, best water purifier reviews.

The best RO water purifiers:

1.   V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier

2.  Kent Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)

3.  Kent Supreme Extra 2020 (11113)

4.  Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquagaurd Delight

5.  HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral

6.  HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral

7.  AO Smith Z9 Green Water Purifier

8.  HUL Pureit Copper+ RO Water Purifier

9.  Aqua Libra Water Purifier

10.   Livpure Zinger Water Purifier

11.     Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquagaurd Amaze

12.   Kent New Grand (11076)

13.   Kent Supreme 2020 (11111)

14.   Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Marvel

15.   HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier

16.    KENT Supreme Lite 2020 (11110)

17.   HUL Pureit Marvella Mineral Water Purifier

18.   Kent Grand ZWW Mineral Water Purifier



Well, we hope this post has helped you understand what is RO water purifier thoroughly. In simple terms, RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process or water purification system that uses a partially permeable membrane or a semipermeable membrane to separate ions, bacteria, dissolved solvents, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

The RO water is widely used as a pure drinking water with a pH value of 7. Apart from this the waste water from RO water purification is also used in day-to-day activities such as cleaning purposes, washing, gardening and so on.

The RO water termed as ‘Reverse Osmosis’, is an RO water purifier is considered to be the best water purifier in the market. This water purifier applies force or pressure along the area of concentrated water. This water flows through a semi-permeable membrane, resulting in pure RO water.

Thus, it is advised to buy RO water purifier over UV or UF water purifier. The RO water purifier combined with UV, UF, and TDS controller us the best water purifier for home.