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When it comes to cooking sandwiches, you might be needing a grill sandwich maker. But the question is how to use grill sandwich maker to prepare tasty sandwiches as your daily breakfast. Well, if you are looking for grill sandwich maker usage, then you are in the right place. In this article you will find everything about how to operate grill sandwich maker including how to use sandwich maker, how to clean grill sandwich maker too.

When it comes to sandwiches, sandwiches are considered as the best go to daily breakfast for your every morning. Having sandwich makers will allow you to prepare sandwiches in a matter of minutes. Be it your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sandwiches can be prepared easily with just one clicks on your grill sandwich makers.

The best part of sandwiches is that, there are plenty of sandwich recipes available which you can prepare as healthy as possible. Hence, no matter what kind of sandwich recipes you are going to make, your grill sandwich maker helps you to make one just in a matter of minutes. Grill sandwich makers makes your sandwich preparation easy, convenient, and time efficient. Cleaning sandwich maker guide helps us to easily clean a sandwich maker effectively and efficiently.

But you might be wondering around and looking for which grill sandwich you must buy or you might be looking for how to use a grill sandwich maker. This is the article which will take you through the grill sandwich maker guide and gives you all the knowledge and everything you want to know about the grill sandwich makers. Read through the article and if you have questions comment down below, we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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Grill Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

Before you buy any grill sandwich maker, it is very important for anyone to know its features which can it offer so that your sandwich or breakfast preparation becomes easier. Choosing any grill sandwich maker should make your life simpler and easier.

To make it easier for you, we have captured the key list of features that you must consider while you are buying a grill sandwich maker. The grill sandwich maker you buy must offer value for its money and must bring in great value for your kitchen.

Below are the grill sandwich maker features you must consider when you buy one:

  1. Power of the sandwich maker
  2. Number of slices
  3. Surface of the plate
  4. Auto shut off feature
  5. Types of handles

Things to keep in mind before you buy a sandwich maker:

1. Power of the Sandwich Maker

When you buy a bread sandwich maker or a grill sandwich maker, one of the most important feature you must pay attention is its power or power output. The reason is that, the higher the grill sandwich maker power, the sandwich maker heats the sandwiches faster and thus allows you to save lots of time while cooking.

If your sandwich maker, offers less power output then it means that, the breakfast on your sandwich maker will be prepared at a very slow pace and takes lots of time. If you are in hurry in the morning then because slow cooking you might miss your breakfast.

Hence, it is always recommended to go for a toast sandwich maker that is high-powered. It makes it easier for you to prepare tasty and healthy sandwiches in just within a matter of minutes. If your sandwich maker offers multiple power outputs to control then it would be great for preparing different types of sandwich recipes.

2. Number of Slices

Usually, a grill sandwich maker can accommodate 4 to 8 slices of bread which is more than enough for a medium to large size families. Not only that, there are grill sandwich makers which can accommodate only two slices of bread too which would be very much ideal for bachelors.

However, you need multiple options then there are panini presses which can also accommodate 8 slices of bread and most of them comes in a triangular model. These also comes in multiple options which can accommodate 4 slices of bread too.

Hence, when you buy a sandwich maker you must pay attention towards the size of your family, and accordingly make a choice of buying a grill sandwich maker. When you have a larger family and looking for multiple options then the panini press would be the best option for you over grill sandwich makers. But when your family size is small to medium then the bread or grill sandwich makers are considered to be the ideal option for you.

3. Surface of the Plate

When you consider the surface plates in any sandwich maker, you should go for a toasted sandwich maker which offers highly durable and safe plates. Investing on a grill sandwich maker that has safe and durable plates along with multiple options to choose from is great value for your money.

Many models of sandwich maker, whether it could be toast sandwich maker or a grill sandwich maker, comes with either a fixed heating plates, or comes in the form of griddle plates. You can also choose a sandwich maker which offers removable plates, as many models of sandwich maker offers the same which allows you to grill and griddle based on your sandwich preparation convenience.

In short, whether it could be a grill sandwich maker or a bread toast sandwich maker, all comes in multiple options to choose from, which are ranging from fixed heating plates, or griddle plates, to removable plates. When these options are available in the best sandwich model, then that is the one for you to go for.

4. Auto Shut off Feature

Thanks to the fast developing new technologies in the home appliance industries, now a days many sandwich makers comes with an auto shut off feature that allows the sandwiches to shut off automatically. This means that, when a sandwich is ready, the sandwich maker shuts down automatically which ensures you of properly heated sandwiches which are just right for you.

Having shut off feature in a grill sandwich maker prevents the sandwiches from getting burnt easily or getting overcooked easily or else which would have made the sandwiches unhealthy for eating. This feature ensures you of the perfect taste of the sandwich according to your ingredients in food and takes off the pressure in the sandwich maker when its cooking by constantly checking the bread automatically.

5. Types of Handles

When it comes to the safety of an appliance, it is basically applicable for any type of home appliance, which also equally applicable for sandwich makers too. When you are using the sandwich maker on a daily basis, the safety features of the appliance with respect to the electrical device condition is very important in the kitchen.

In order to ensure the full safety of sandwich makers, now a days almost of all types of sandwich makers comes with either a high grade plastic handles or a stainless steel handles for easy handling of the appliance. So, you must choose a sandwich maker according to your usage in the kitchen by considering how often you will be using the appliance. Make sure that the appliance must last longer, upholds the wear and tear, and causes no safety hindrances in the kitchen.

How to Use a Sandwich Maker?

Before you use any type of sandwich maker, you must read the instruction manual that was came along with the sandwich maker that you have brought in. An instruction manual is the perfect guide for ensuring the safety of the appliance, how to use the appliance, and how to maintain the appliance.

However, in general when you buy a sandwich maker you must follow the following steps to know how to use a sandwich maker for the first time. These are the steps that are almost applicable for any sandwich maker and are basic steps.


How to use a sandwich maker?

  1. For the first time, plug in the sandwich maker, and keep it in closed condition until it gets heated up. Every sandwich maker has an indicator light which tells you when its ready to use. Generally, the heating takes place for 2 to 3 minutes until its ready to use.
  2. Prepare the sandwich of your choice, and apply or spread a small amount of butter on outside of both bread slice so that they should not stick to the plates of the sandwich maker.
  3. If you have not used the butter on outside of both bread slices, then open the sandwich maker and spray a fine mist of oil on the upper and lower plates of the sandwich maker.
  4. Now its ready, place the sandwich on the bottom plate and while placing the sandwich avoid touching the plates directly with your hands as they might get burnt due to high heat.
  5. Close the upper plate of sandwich maker and clamp in the sandwich maker tightly.
  6. Now wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until the indicator light turn on.
  7. Now remove the sandwich maker with the help of a wooden or silicone spatula.
  8. Repeat the process until you finish preparing all your sandwiches and once done remove the plug, turn off the appliance, and place it at a separate location where it can cools-down itself.

Important Safety Instructions Before You Use a Grill Sandwich Maker

The grill sandwich maker may be used by children who are 8 years of age and are even older and by persons with physical or mental impairments or by an inexperienced persons, only if they are supervised properly by an experienced person. However, they must be informed or thought about how to use grill sandwich maker safely and understands all the potential dangers of the appliance.

When it comes to cleaning, these grill sandwich makers can also be cleaned by children of 8 years old and older, when supervised properly. Care should be taken by keeping this appliance and its power cord away from reach of children who are younger than 8 years of age. A caution to be noted that this appliance is not designed to be used or controlled by using a programmed device, an external timer switch, or with the help of a remote control.

Before you use any grill sandwich maker, read carefully all the important safety instructions listed below:

  • Before you use the appliance and connect it to a power socket, don’t forget to check the technical details of the appliance label and the instruction manual clearly such that the appliance matches the electrical voltage in the power socket
  • Plug the appliance correctly only into the grounded power socket and not a non-grounded or non-earthing power socket
  • This sandwich maker is designed to be used for indoors and make sure that not to use the appliance outside for commercial purposes
  • Not to use the sandwich maker outdoors and in an industrial surroundings
  • This sandwich maker to be used only for its intended purpose and not for any other usages
  • This sandwich maker must not be placed near any heat sources in the kitchen such as near gas stove, or an electric source
  • Place the sandwich maker on a stable and even surface and do not place the appliance at the edge or on an unstable surface
  • Once you connect the sandwich maker to an electrical power supply, the cooking surface and the outer surface gets heated up. you must not touch the surface as it will be too hot and your hands might get burnt
  • To handle the sandwich maker or to open and close the sandwich maker use the thermal insulated handle
  • To remove or place the sandwiches from the sandwich maker, use a wooden or heat resistant plastic spatula
  • Do not place any objects near or surrounding the sandwich maker or on the heated surface of the sandwich maker and also allow enough air circulation around the appliance
  • When you are cleaning the sandwich maker, or when you are not using the appliance, make sure to turn off the appliance and remove the power cord from the power socket
  • The sandwich maker must be allowed to fully cool-down on its own before you move, clean or store the appliance
  • Make sure that you are cleaning the grill surfaces of the sandwich maker every time you use the sandwich maker
  • To avoid any injuries or electric shocks, and since the sandwich maker is not water proof, you must not clean the appliance under running water or do not submerge the appliance in to the water or any liquid
  • Make sure that the power cord of the sandwich maker must not come in contact with water, any liquid, moisture, or heated surfaces
  • To remove the sandwich maker from power socket, do not pull the power cord. Doing this can damage the power cord and the power socket which can may lead to electrical hazards or accidents
  • The sandwich maker must be separated from the power socket gently by pulling out the power cord from the power socket
  • Do not use the sandwich maker, if the power cord is damaged. Get it replaced from the technical service centre
  • It is not recommended to repair the sandwich maker by yourself or make any adjustments with repair as it may lead to injuries by electrical shocks
  • Any repairs or adjustments must be done at the authorized service centre or by an experienced electrician, or electric supervisor or inspector
  • Any tampering of the sandwich maker during its warranty period may void the warranty policy

Parts of the Grill Sandwich Maker

When it comes to the description of the sandwich maker, any sandwich maker usually comes with the same number of parts. However, the basic parts of the grill sandwich maker are listed below:

  • A green indicator light – indicates the heating of the cooking plates
  • A red indicator light – indicates connection into the electric power supply
  • Thermally insulated handles
  • A lock – to lock and unlock the handles easily
  • A power cord storage (at the bottom part of the appliance – in some appliances)
  • Cooking plates with a special non-stick coating

What are the Features of Grill Sandwich Maker?

Below are few of the features of a grill sandwich maker:

  • Non-toxic ceramic coating for healthy cooking
  • Multi-functional grill, toaster, and sandwich maker
  • Ergonomic handle with automatic temperature cut-off
  • Easy to use, clean, and store

Steps to Take Before You Use a Grill Sandwich Maker

How to use a grill sandwich maker for the first time? Before you use a grill sandwich maker, follow the below steps:

  • Remove the grill sandwich maker from the packaged material or from the packaged box
  • Wipe the cooking plates with the help of a slightly damp micro fiber cloth or a slightly damp sponge
  • Dry out the plates completely with the help of a paper towel or tissue paper or a dry cloth
  • Connect the grill sandwich maker to the power supply and leave it turned on at least for 5 to 7 minutes to dissipate any odor present in the appliance

Make a note that, When the appliance will be turned on for the first time, there are chances that a light smoke get emitted. No need to worry, as this is due to the heating of internal components which will go in a matter of minutes. If this doesn’t go for a longer period of time, then you can reach out to the nearest authorized dealer and get it checked.

How to Use Grill Sandwich Maker?


The below are the step-by-step guide on how to use grill sandwich maker. You can follow the steps in order to start your first sandwich preparation from scratch:

How to use grill sandwich maker?

  • Spray or apply the butter or cooking oil over the cooking plates
  • Plug in the grill sandwich maker to the power supply. Once turned on, on the top panel, you will see both the indicator lights will get turned on. Red indicator indicates that the connection is proper into the electric power supply and the green indicator light indicates heating of the cooking plates
  • Close the grill sandwich maker for higher efficient pre-heating of the cooking plates
  • While the cooking plates are getting heated, prepare your sandwiches. To prepare one sandwich you will be needing two slices of bread toasts with filling of your choice. Now place the filling in between the bread slices. Do not overload the filling as it may not be able to close the plates and when force-ably closed may damage the sandwich maker
  • Once the cooking plates gets heated to the required operating temperature, a green light is turned off. Sometimes the heating indicator light may turn on and off. This means that the operating temperature of the cooking plates are being maintained
  • Now open the grill sandwich maker and place one or two sandwiches at the bottom plate. Once placed, with the help of handles close and press the top cooking plate until it reaches the bottom plate. Close and secure the handles with the help of a lock
  • Once the cooking gets completed, after 2 to 3 minutes release the lock. Now open the top plate and remove the sandwiches with the help of a spatula. If you feel you need to cook for some more time close the lid and continue for another 1 to 2 minutes. Not to use the fork, knife, or any other metal to remove the sandwiches as they can damage the non-stick surfaces of the appliance
  • Usually, the cooking time of the grill sandwich make is about 2 to 3 minutes. However, the cooking time depends on the type of bread, and fillings. If needed, you can allow it to cook for another 1 to 2 minutes depending on your needs
  • Before you start cooking with another sandwich, make sure that close the grill sandwich maker and wait until the green indicator light is turned off
  • Repeat the cycle until you have completed all of your sandwich cooking
  • Now once you finished using your grill sandwich maker, disconnect the power cord from the power supply

How to Use Kent Grill Sandwich Maker?

Here are the instructions on how to use Kent grill sandwich maker:

  • Before you use, remove all the stickers which might prevent the grill sandwich maker from operating
  • Check the appliance thoroughly for any damages. If there are any damages, then do not use the appliance and consult the dealer or authorized service centre
  • Before you switch on the appliance, make sure that the main voltage of your home corresponds to the appliance’s operating voltage
  • Clean the parts of the Kent grill sandwich maker thoroughly before using for the first time
  • Before you switch on also ensure that all parts of the appliance are completely dry before you start using it

How to Operate Kent Grill Sandwich Maker?

In order to use the Kent grill sandwich maker follow the below steps:

  • Clean all parts of the grill sandwich maker before using it
  • Plug in the grill sandwich maker and allow it to preheat for 2 to 3 minutes
  • When the appliance is preheating, the LED power light will glow and once it is ready the light will turn off automatically
  • Now open the lid and if requires you may grease the surface with the help of little oil
  • Place the bread to be toasted along with stuffing in between such as snacks, or any other ingredients of your choice
  • Close the lid and allow it to cool for at least 2 to 4 minutes until the lights turn off or until the bread turns to golden brown as the time to cook may vary depending on the type of bread or stuffing
  • Once the snack is cooked open the lid, and take it outside in a plate
  • Once you done with your cooking, unplug the appliance, and allow it to cool before cleaning and storing
  • Make sure that you never use metal tongs or a knife as they can damage the ceramic coating of the cooking plates

How to Clean and Maintain Kent Grill Sandwich Maker?

To clean and maintain your Kent grill sandwich maker you must follow the below steps:

  • Before you clean the appliance, switch off and unplug the appliance
  • Wipe out the appliance with the help of a moist cloth along with a non-abrasive liquid cleaner
  • Do not immerse the appliance in water or any other kinds of liquid
  • Never place any part of the appliance in the dishwasher
  • After cleaning the appliance thoroughly, dry the appliance using a soft dry cloth
  • Ensure that the appliance is completely dry before you start using it
  • Never immerse the appliance under water nor rinse it under the tap water. If you want to clean it use a dry cloth

Kent Grill Sandwich Maker Precautions

Here are the some of precautions that you must take care when you use Kent grill sandwich maker:

  • Do not disassemble, repair, or alter the appliance on your own as it may cause the appliance to failure or breakdown
  • The input voltage must not exceed the rating as it might damage the appliance
  • Unplug the appliance before cleaning or moving the appliance
  • Do not use the appliance with damaged power cord or plug
  • Do not install the appliance near any heat source, for example: heater
  • If the appliance is not being used for a longer time, remember to unplug it
  • Do not use the appliance when it is in recumbent or in an inclined position

Important Safety Instructions of Kent Grill Sandwich Maker?

When you are using an electric appliance, such as Kent grill sandwich maker, you must follow the above mentioned precautions including the following too:

  • Before you start the servicing of the appliance, unplug the appliance when not in use
  • Once cooking is finished, unplug the appliance, and allow it to cool before you clean it or store it
  • Do not use near or on wet surfaces so that you can avoid any chances of or risk of electric shocks
  • Use the appliance only as described in the instructions manual
  • Do not use the appliance if the power cord or plug is damaged or worn out. Replace the damaged plug or cord on immediate basis
  • Do not try to service the appliance on your own
  • Always keep the cord away from the heated surfaces
  • Do not unplug the appliance by pulling the power cord. Always unplug by pulling the plug and not the power cord
  • To avoid any kinds of electric shocks do not use the appliance with a wet hands
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from the moving parts
  • The Kent grill sandwich maker is suitable for indoor use only
  • Keep the appliance away from children

How to Troubleshoot Kent Grill Sandwich Maker?

Here are some of the troubleshoot instructions of the Kent grill sandwich maker:

Type of Problem Possible Clause Problem Solution
The appliance does not start There is a connection problem Check if the appliance is connected to the mains and if the plug is inserted firmly into the wall socket
The appliance does not start The appliance is defective Switch off the appliance and unplug it. Go to the nearest Kent authorized service centre for assistance
The appliance suddenly stops working while running The appliance is overheated Let the appliance cool for 20 minutes before attempting to restart it
The appliance suddenly stops working while running The appliance is defective Switch off the appliance and unplug it. Go to the nearest Kent authorized service centre for assistance

How to Clean Grill Sandwich Maker?


Cleaning a grill sandwich maker is easy if you know the steps. Not only cleaning but also the maintenance of the grill sandwich maker is also important. But if you are one of those who has no knowledge about how to clean sandwich maker, then you can follow the below steps.

How to clean grill sandwich maker?

Steps to clean and maintain grill sandwich maker:

  • Before you start cleaning your grill sandwich maker, make sure that you disconnect the sandwich maker from the electric supply or power supply and allow it cool down in a separate area
  • Cleaning of the non-stick surface of the cooking plates must be done after each use in order to prevent the build-up of brunt pieces of any food residues
  • To clean any food residues, use a soft moist cloth. Even after this if you still see the burnt pieces on the plates, then sprinkle a small amount of water along with a mild dish detergent. Now you can wipe clean with the help of a moist cloth
  • Now use a soft wet cloth and wipe out the surface of the grill sandwich maker and allow it to dry off completely
  • Make sure that while cleaning you never rinse the grill sandwich maker under the running water or any other liquid as it can damage the appliance and may lead electric shocks when turned on
  • Make sure that you are not using any abrasive cleaning products such as petrol or solvents for cleaning

How to Store Grill Sandwich Maker?

If you are using a sandwich maker it is very important to know how to store a sandwich maker too. Storage of your grill sandwich maker is equally important as it will ensure safety and longevity of your sandwich maker.

Here are the steps to store your grill sandwich maker:

  • Before you store your grill sandwich maker, just take a clean dry soft cloth, and wipe the entire appliance from in and out gently to remove any dust that may be present on the grill sandwich maker
  • Now once you see that the cooking plates are cold, close the top plate and secure the handles with the help of lock of the sandwich maker
  • If you have a storage box with a bracket at the bottom of your grill sandwich maker, then wind the power cord around the bracket to have proper storage
  • If you don’t have a storage box for power cord, then just loosely wind the power cord in zig-zag elliptical manner and tie a wire or plastic rubber and place it along with it
  • Now store the sandwich maker in a clean, and dry place out of reach of children

Parts of Usha Grill Sandwich Maker

Here are the parts of Usha grill sandwich maker:

  • Body Handle
  • Non-stick Coated Heating Plates
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Ready Indicator Light
  • Lock

Before Use Instructions of Usha Grill Sandwich Maker

  • Read all the instructions of the manual carefully, especially the section “Important Precautions”
  • Remove all the packing materials from outside and inside of the toaster. If there are any adhesive labels peel them off
  • Check that voltage indicated on the appliance (underside of toaster) corresponds with the mains voltage of you house
  • Before its actual use, for the first time, use the toaster without bread, it may produce a little smoke. This is quite normal and is because the appliance is being used for the first time
  • This appliance must be earthed. If an extension cord is required, it must be earthed too

How to Use Usha Grill Sandwich Maker?

  • Before using the Usha sandwich grill toaster for the first time, brush or wipe small amount of cooking oil on to the heating plates
  • For best results, apply small amount of butter outside the bread
  • Prepare a sandwich with the help of a filling in between the bread slices
  • Place the sandwich in the slot provided in the heating plate and lock the handle of the sandwich toaster
  • Plug the sandwich toaster to a standard 230V AC earthed power outlet and switch on the supply. The “Red” light indicates “POWER ON”
  • After some time (approx. 5 minutes) the “GREEN” light shall indicate the sandwiches are now “READY”
  • The crispness and browning of the sandwiches is determined by the amount of time the sandwiches are in the toaster

Cuisinart Sandwich Grill Safety Instructions

When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  • Read all instructions of the manual carefully
  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles and knobs
  • To protect against fire, electrical shock, and injury to persons, Do not immerse Cord, Plug, or Appliance in water or other liquids
  • Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children
  • Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning appliance
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. Return appliance to the nearest Cuisinart Authorized Service Facility for examination, repair, or adjustment
  • The use of accessory attachments not recommended by Cuisinart may result in fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons
  • Do not use outdoors
  • Do not let power cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces
  • Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven
  • Unplug the unit when finished cooking
  • Do not use appliance for other than intended use
  • Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids
  • Always attach plug to appliance first, then plug cord into the wall outlet. To disconnect, remove plug from wall outlet
  • To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, repair should be done only by an authorized personnel. Do not remove the base panel as there are no user serviceable parts are available
  • This appliance is only for household use
  • A short power-supply cord is provided to reduce the risks resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord
  • Longer extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use
  • If a long extension cord is used, the marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance, and the longer cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the countertop or tabletop where it can be pulled on by children or animals, or tripped over
  • This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way

How to Use Cuisinart Sandwich Grill?

Here are the tips and hints to use a Cuisinart Sandwich Grill Maker:

Preheat Cuisinart Sandwich Grill completely before using. For “quick to assemble” sandwiches and pastries, preheat the Sandwich Grill while preparing the food to be grilled. Close the lid of the Sandwich Grill while preheating. When preparing more than one batch of sandwiches, keep lid closed to maintain even heat.

You may use a variety of breads with excellent results in the Cuisinart Sandwich Grill. Breads that are a “standard” thickness (approximately 1/2 inch) are best for sandwiches, while thicker sliced breads (approximately 5/8 to 1 inch) are recommended for French toast.

For best results, we recommend that the bread be as close as possible to the size of the sandwich plate (5 x 41 ⁄2 inches). Breads may be trimmed prior to cooking to fit as needed. Bread selections may be hand sliced from whole loaves.

Butter, margarine, and olive oil are recommended for coating the outside of bread when making sandwiches. “Light” versions of margarines are not recommended, as they do not withstand heat (check manufacturer’s labels for cooking recommendations for best results).

Have butter or margarine at room temperature when spreading on bread, or melt and apply with a pastry brush. For best results, moist ingredients such as sliced tomatoes or fruits, pickles, etc., should be blotted or patted dry with a paper towel. Sauces, such as tomato sauce or salsa, can be drained for a short time in a strainer lined with a coffee filter to remove excess liquid.

Use well-drained leftover cooked vegetables or thawed, well-drained frozen vegetables as additions to your sandwiches and omelets. Firm textured breads will yield a crispier sandwich than breads with a softer texture. Use a heatproof rubber spatula or wooden utensil to lift sandwich/pastry/omelets from the Cuisinart Sandwich Grill. Avoid using metal utensils, which may mar the nonstick coating of the Sandwich Grill.

For best results, allow hot sandwiches to rest for 2-3 minutes before cutting and serving. The fillings will be very hot, and will run less if allowed to cool slightly. Unplug the Sandwich Grill and allow unit to cool completely with lid open before cleaning. When cool, brush excess crumbs from Sandwich Grill with a soft pastry brush, then gently wipe clean with a dampened soft cloth such as one made of microfiber. (Available in most housewares/gourmet stores).

  • Before using your Cuisinart Sandwich Grill for the first time, remove all protective paper and wrapping. Remove any dust from shipping by wiping the plates with a damp cloth
  • Preheat the Sandwich Grill. Close lid and plug cord into a 120V AC wall outlet. The red light will go on to signal power. The green indicator light will go on when unit is ready to use
  • The first time you use your Sandwich Grill, it may have a slight odor and may smoke a bit. This is normal, and common to appliances with a nonstick surface
  • When the green indicator light goes on, place ingredients on bottom plate according to recipes provided. Close the lid and lock it
  • The green light will go off and the red light will once again illuminate. It may take several seconds for the red light to come on. This is normal
  • Once the food is ready to eat, the green light will come on again
  • Remove food by gently loosening the edges with a heatproof plastic spatula
  • Never use metal utensils, as they may damage the nonstick coating
  • Always disconnect the plug from the wall outlet once cooking is completed
  • Cord Storage: cord wraps around base for easy storage
  • BPA-Free: All parts that come in contact with food are BPA-Free

How to Clean Cuisinart Sandwich Grill Maker?

Once you have finished cooking in the Sandwich Grill, remove plug from electrical outlet. Leave top lid open so plates begin to cool.

Never take your Sandwich Grill apart for cleaning. Simply brush crumbs from grooves, and absorb any excess cooking oil or excess fillings by wiping with a dry cloth or paper towel.

You may clean the cooking plates by wiping with a damp cloth as well. This will prevent staining or sticking from buildup of oil or fillings. Be certain plates have cooled completely before cleaning. If food adheres to plates, simply pour a little cooking oil onto area and let stand approximately 5 minutes, allowing buildup to soften for easy removal.

To clean exterior, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Never use an abrasive cleanser or harsh pad. Never immerse the Cord, Plug, or Unit in water or other liquids. And do not put in dishwasher too.

Store with cord wrapped securely around base. For compact storage, stand Sandwich Grill upright on back end. The Sandwich Grill has been designed with a special latch so lid stays closed during storage.

Examples of Best Sandwich Recipes

Here are few of the best sandwich recipes that you can prepare on your grill sandwich maker. Try one and let us know which one you liked the most.

  • The basic ingredients for the filling of sandwiches can be anything from meat, fish, cheese, smoked meat, sliced cooked egg, or fruit and vegetables, like banana, apple, pineapple, tomato, cucumber, onion or mushrooms, and so on
  • Do not use excessive amount of filling on to the sandwich breads in order to prevent any spilling on the cooking plates
  • The filling can be flavored with spices, herbs, mustard, lettuce, or ketchup
  • To achieve the golden crust colour of the sandwiches, the bread can be coated or sprayed on with butter prior to cooking on your grill sandwich

Best grill sandwich recipes:

Recipe 1: Sandwich with ham, cheese and pineapple (2 pieces)

Here are the ingredients:

  • 4 slices of toasting bread
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 4 slices of ham
  • 2 slices of pineapple

Cooking instructions:

Preheat the cooking plates. Between two slices of bread place a slice of cheese, pineapple and two slices of ham. Prepare the second sandwich the same way. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook the sandwiches.

Recipe 2: Sandwich with tomato and cheese (2 pieces)

Here are the ingredients:

  • 4 slices of toasting bread
  • 1 medium tomato sliced
  • 2 spoons of grated cheese
  • Ground sweet paprika

Cooking instructions:

Preheat the cooking plates. Between two slices of bread place a few slices of tomato and sprinkle with grated cheese. Flavor the filling with ground paprika and prepare the second sandwich the same way. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook the sandwiches.

Recipe 3: Sandwich with chocolate cream and banana (2 pieces)

Here are the ingredients:

  • 4 slices of toasting bread
  • 1/2 of banana sliced thinly
  • chocolate cream (peanut butter)

Cooking instructions:

Preheat the cooking plates. Lightly spread the chocolate cream on two slices of toasting bread, top with several slices of banana and put together. Prepare the second sandwich the same way. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook the sandwiches.